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Fork Focus Forklift with string rod

Fork Focus Forklift with Block clamp
( 180 degree of rotation )

Fork Focus Forklift with rotator

Fork Focus Forklift with Dumping


Forklift fork is the highly demanded forklift part. No matter forklift fork retail business or forks forklift wholesale business, we have affordable price to reduce your cost and provide you with different types of forklift forks.

side shifter-ForkFocus

Forklift Side Shifter is a mechanism on a forklift that allows the driver to navigate load side-to-side in a lateral movement, moving +/- 100mm or +/- 150mm. One of the advantages of using the side shifter is moving the load without having to move the truck, especially in tight environments, improving its flexibility. It is widely used in stacking and loading goods in factories, agriculture, construction and warehouses.


The Fork Positioner attachment is for diesel and electric forklifts. The width and distance of the forks can be adjusted by the operator using control levers, depending on the size and weight of the load it needs to carry. It’s very useful to transport loads that vary in size. It can be installed in any type of forklift and is widely used in paper handling, agriculture, food and beverage, and construction industries.

Double forks

The Single Double Pallet handler, also called double pallet forklift can act as one full set of forks or double sets of forks. It can be used in narrow areas and can expand for a fuller and wider load. The forks can separate and is powered by hydraulic cylinders which makes them suited for various-sized pallets. The forks can spread and side shift, depending on the request. Industries that carry beverages like soft drinks, bottled water, and other materials like bricks, stone, and tiles heavily rely on this attachment.

Forkfocus Hinged Broke Handler

Hinged broke handler

The Hinged Broke Handler is a forklift attachment used for general clamping of standard packings like waste paper and chemical fibers. With a capacity of up to 2500KG, it provides efficient work in a warehouse or production facility. The high-steel structure design offers safe and reliable handling of goods.

bale clamp

Bale clamp Attachment

The Bale Clamp attachment is for baled products without breaking or stretching the wrap. It has enough surface area to safely lift and move loads. It’s commonly used in recycling applications and can handle soft packs/items like cotton, pulp, wool, paper, and industrial scraps. It can carry loads of up to 3200KG. Industries that make use of this attachment include agriculture and manufacturing.

Forkfocus Rotator

The Forklift Rotator Attachment is for handling materials that need to be dumped or rotated. The Forklift Rotator offers 360 rotation, which offers movement in any direction. With this attachment, the operator can efficiently rotate loads for dumping and tipping. The rotator is particularly popular in different industries like manufacturing, automotive, agricultural, recycling, and plastic for its function.

Carton Clamps attachments are for secure and safe handling of household appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, etc. It can also handle goods like wine packaged foods or materials like chemicals or plastics. This attachment is for plants and warehouses and the clamps are designed to provide damage-free moving of sensitive goods of up to 2000KG.

bale clamp

The Bale Clamp attachment is for baled products without breaking or stretching the wrap. It has enough surface area to safely lift and move loads. It’s commonly used in recycling applications and can handle soft packs/items like cotton, pulp, wool, paper, and industrial scraps. It can carry loads of up to 3200KG. Industries that make use of this attachment include agriculture and manufacturing.

Paper roll clamp

The Paper Roll Clamps is designed specifically for damage-free roll handling. The various types of clamps can handle rolls of different paper types, diameters, size and weight without any pallet involved. It is made from steel and can handle up to 3000KG weight and a roll range of 300-1900mm. It is very useful in paper handling industry, warehouse and factories.


Forklift JIB

The Forklift Jib is an attachment to turn the truck into a mobile crane for reaching and raising items that is needed lifting to an overhead position. 


Forklift BOOM

The forklift boom, also called forklift jib boom. It has a safety chain wielded to the boom and a grab hook to anchor the jib to the forklift. The fork heels pin is zinc-plated and it also comes with one safety swivel hook with bow shackle and rigid hook.

Block clamp-forkfocus

The Block Clamps are designed to specially handle concrete blocks without the use of pallets. The rubbers attached to the clamps can handle the irregular outline of blocks or bricks with better support. This attachment is widely used in construction sites and architecture industries.


Tire clamp

The Tyre Clamp is a forklift attachment suitable for all kinds and sizes of the tire. It has a capacity of up to 2000KG. It will provide superior performance for handling, stacking, loading, and unloading tires. The Tyre Clamp is for industries like manufacturing plants, food & beverage factory, farms, and constructions.


The Load Stabilizer is specifically designed to give support to unstable loads like beverages or empty containers, especially if being transported on uneven or rough floors. This attachment allows faster and more secure transport and provides good visibility to the operator. Industries like Food & Beverage, Manufacturing Plants, and Industrial sites can benefit most from this attachment.

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If the forklift attachment is non-standard type, we are able to customized the one for you without charging extra. Please read this for more about how we customize your forklift attachment. 

Also you can click to find out the customer case about customize the steel pipe for our customers in EU. 

In order to enhance the convenience of forklift operation, there comes the forklift attachment. There are too many kinds of attachment to meet various demands from customers. In this article will take you deeper into forklift attachments from following aspects.

  • Significance of usage of Forklift Attachments
  • Common technical terminologies explanation.
  • Factors to Consider When Selecting Attachments


Significance of usage of Attachments


 Compared to the traditional use of forklift forks to pick up pallets of goods for handling and stacking, the application of dedicated forklift attachments can greatly increase the efficiency of forklift operation and reduce operating costs. Specialized attachments for forklift can perform functions such as clamping, rotating (clockwise/counterclockwise), side-shift, push/pull, overturn (forward/backward), separate/close (adjust fork distance), telescoping, etc., which cannot be done by ordinary forklift trucks. The significance of the application of special attachments for forklift can be summarized as follows.


  1. High production efficiency and low operating costs.

Compared with the traditional manual handling, mechanized transporting takes less time, reduces labor expenses and costs, and improves efficiency. In the same material handling cycle, the number of forklift movements is significantly reduced, and the corresponding tire abrasion, transmission gear wear, oil consumption of the forklift are also reduced, thus the operating cost is also reduced.


  1. Safe and reliable operation, reducing the accident rate.

The forklift attachments designed and produced by professional forklift attachment manufacturers for different industrial conditions are all equipped with safety devices, which make it difficult for the load to slip under abnormal conditions, such as pressure-holding device for clamp attachment (when the load is loaded, the oil pipe will burst, and the hydraulic system will keep the pressure, so the load will not slip); End cushioning device of side-shift attachment, etc., which reduces the accident rate.


  1. Low loss of goods.

With the unique functions like clamping, side-shifting, rotating, etc. of attachments, goods can be transported, stacked, loaded and unloaded more safely, thus minimizing the loss of cargo. The usage of attachments also reduces the frequency use of pallet (e.g. for non-palletized operations) and the associated purchase and maintenance costs reduced.

Tobacco clamp forkfocus

Common technical terminologies explanation.

When forklift attachments are installed on the forklift, the original design of the forklift has actually changed, so how will the load capacity of the forklift change in the actual operation process? Will it affect the operation and use of the forklift? Before analyzing the situation, it is necessary to understand the following concepts, which are the factors most closely related to the actual load capacity of forklifts and indispensable factors when calculating and determining the overall load capacity of forklifts.

1, Load capacity
Load Capacity is an important aspect to be considered in the selection process of forklift attachments. It’s about maximum weight that the forklift attachment can safely carry under the given load center. After forklift attachment installed on forklift (mainly counterbalance forklift), the combined capacity of the forklift / attachment, the maximum load capacity, will be reduced for two reasons.

(1) The momenta generated by the self- weight of the forklift attachment offsets part of the forklift’s load momenta.

(2) As the thickness of forklift attachment frame structure is greater than the thickness of the forks, it causes the load center (the distance from the center of the load to the front surface of the forklift frame) to move forward during operation, which also counteracts part of the forklift momenta.

2, Load center

The load center is the distance from front surface of the forklift attachment frame to the gravity load center.

3, Stall Distance

The distance from front surface of the forklift attachment frame to the front surface of the attachment frame ( equal to the thickness of attachment).

complete Factors to Consider When Selecting Attachments

There are a number of important information that needs to be taken into account in order to make a right selection of forklift attachments for different working conditions and different industry. The following are important factors to consider. You don’t need to take every factors to consider for your specific requirement. Check the points most related to yours.


1) What kind of goods needs to handle: paper rolls, soft bags, drums, appliances, pipes, pallets,.. etc.

2) Cargo weight: (including pallets) , length (in direction of travel) , width/diameter, height.

(3) Outer surface/contact surface (external packing materials).

(4) Method of transportation:

  1. For pallet transportation: Need to know dimensions of pallet, height of pallet jack.
  2. For transportation without pallet: Need to know the distance between stacks, and number of packages.

5) Specific handling mission / working Environment.

How the customer carries these goods: pushing / clamping / rotating (horizontal to the travelling direction) / tilting (horizontal to the travelling direction) / sideways movement / side tilt (along the travelling direction) / Loading at the back of the vehicle / Loading at the side of the vehicle.

6) Customer’s current requirement: How he wants to solve his handling needs? How he wants to improve?

7) What are the limitations in practical application: height, length, width, weight, etc.?

8) Applications of forklift attachment: smelter, construction site, warehouse, special Circumstances…etc.

9) Environmental factors: explosive area, dust, high temperature, low temperature, acidity, sugar, salt, food, nutritional products, beverages, etc.

10 )About forklift truck: model of forklift truck, mast, type of forklift attachment, requested forklift attachment function. Number of additional oil circuits for forklift truck will be decided by attachment type and function.

a.. One movement function, for which the forklift is provided with a single additional oil circuit (e.g., lateral movement of the side lifter from left to right).

b.. Two movement functions, the forklift must be provided with a double additional oil circuit (e.g. Opening/clamping/rotating of the paper roll clamp).

c.. Triple-action forklift attachments, the forklift must be provided with dual additional fuel lines and a solenoid valve device. (Opening/clamping, lateral movement, rotation of the rotating-side shifting bale clamp).

11) Existing forklift or to purchase a new one? (Is there a problem with forklift modification? e.g., adding additional oil circuit… etc).

12) Forklift attachment installation costs (labor, hydraulic system retrofit costs if necessary, corresponding spare parts cost…etc.)

  •  Side Shift Fork
  • Fork-Positioner
  • Drum Clamp
  • Paper Roll Clamp
  • Rotator
  • Bale clamp
  • Load Stabilizer
  • Flat (large-sided) Clamp
  • Tobacco Clamp
  • Fork Clamp
  • Carton clamp
  • Block clamp
  • Tire clamp
  • Hinged Broke Handler
  • Single-double pallet handler
  • Push-Pull

In this post, it’s with most complete guide about how to select forklift attachment. You will get a general idea and well educated. 

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