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What’s dock ramp?

Loading platform is very common in modern logistics industy. 

It is the starting point and ending point of an enterprise’s logistics chain. 

It can transfer good or cargo in a fast and safe way.


Since the location of the loading operation platform is fixed, but the height of the carriages of the passing trucks are different, there is always a certain height difference or gap between the transport vehicle and the loading platform. 

This causes the forklift unable to enter or exit the transport vehicle to load and unload the goods. That makes the dock ramp on the market.

This requires the dock ramp providing a boarding bridge, or we call it a reliable connection, so that forklift can enter and exit the transport truck safely and quickly for loading and unloading operations.

And sometimes becouse of the loading space limited, there requires a product that can realize the cargo loading/unloading requirement, but in the meantime, the loading equipment doesn’t need to occupy much space in the warehouse. 

Becouse of such various demand, that makes a various loading dock equipment multifarious.


Loading Dock equipment classifications

There are many classifications for dock ramp. Generally it’s divided into mobile dock ramp and fixed dock ramp ( also calls hydraulic dock leveller).

Conventional mobile dimension: length 11M, width 2.1M and with solid tires.

There are also many other ways for such classifications, like:

  • According to whether the dock ramp is movable, it can be divided into: fixed type and mobile type
  • According to different driving methods, it can also be divided into: mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric.
  • According to whether it can be installed on the platform, it is divided into: station type and ground type (also called mobile type and lift type)

Here, we mainly introduce some widely used and common loading dock equipment as following:

Loading dock equipment

dock ramp
dock ramp

Built-in boarding bridge

Embedded dock ramp, as the name implies: refers to the docking ramp embedded in the loading operation platform. 

The main board surface of the installed dock ramp is at the same level with the upper plane of the loading operation platform.

It is fully integrated in the platform. If without loading or unloading task, it will not affect the other normal operations.


The kind of dock ramp is the widely used, and it is also the quickest kind of boarding auxiliary equipment. 

This kind of dock ramp should be planned as early as drawing the structural of the buildings.

dock ramp
dock ramp

Moveable dock ramp

It is used in places where there is no loading and unloading platform on site or where mobile loading and unloading is required. 

If there is no loading and unloading platform at the logistics site, as a remedial measure, a mobile docking ramp is one of the most suitable solutions. 

The mobile docking ramp is equivalent to a mobile steel knot slope, and the forklift can also directly drive into the truck compartment for batch Loading and unloading operations. 

Only one person is required to operate, and no power supply is needed. 

The safe and fast loading and unloading of goods can be realized.

technical specification for mobile rock ramp:

Mobile dock ramp
dock ramp
dock ramp

Stationary dock ramp.

It’s also called hydraulic dock leveller.

The fixed boarding bridge is a special auxiliary equipment to realize fast loading and unloading of goods. 

This is used to connect the warehouse platform and truck entrance door. It’s like a bridge that makes the forklift can carry goods in and out from warehouse to transport trucks. 

One single person is required and realize the operation of fast loading and unloading of goods.

It enables enterprises to reduce a lot of labor, improve work efficiency, and receive greater economic benefits.

There is a Anti-slipping device: This device is welded by steel plates, which can effectively realize the anti-skid function, very safe and reliable.

Also it requires Anti-collision block: This device can effectively protect buildings and boarding bridges from damage. 

It is made of reinforced rubber with high tensile strength. 

The four corners of the outside of the anti-collision block are all arc-shaped and all bolt holes are deeply embedded in the inside.

Structure: The fixed dock ramp is composed of mechanical system, hydraulic system and electrical system.

The platform and the bottom structure become a mechanical system. 

The platform uses “U”-shaped steel as the framework, which has light weight and large bearing capacity; 

The platform is made of anti-skid patterned steel plate, and can bear large capacity;

 The table is made of non-slip patterned steel plate, and can withstand the forklift’s full load at driving speed of 10 km/h without being concave and working reliability greatly improved.

technical specification for hydraulic rock leveller:

hydraulic dock leveller

Since dock ramp, is closed reltaed with your exact requirement. Different requirement needs different types of product.

Please work with a professional dock ramp supplier who can responds faster, much more professional, and provides a timely technical support , a good trouble solver, that will ensure a good experience with the product you buy. 

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