What's 360 Service?

360 Service is the commitment of ForkFocus to our customers. 

We are a Product & Service orientated company.  Offering quality product and Qaulity service is what keep us standing out from the ordinary. why we created the 360 service. 

Also, we are the FIRST one in MHE field sharing this service concept in china. This makes us highly aware of this Responsibility and attach more Responsiveness to make it count.

Our service will not stop from the machine shipped, on the contrary, it’s the start of our service circle. Our relationship will go through out the entire life of your ownership with ForkFocus equipment. 

With ForkFocus 360 Support, you will have a peace mind of owning the forklift from us. Your needs or worries or supports will be listened and be well served.

In the meantime, we have a series of polices called 360 further service (360F). This will be shared with our customers and you.

Works for your need.

more Than 100 Product For Your Choice. There Could Be One Of Your Forklift Solution.

ForkFocus, 360 service.

Service Spirit is what we focus on. React Your Every Call Within 2 working Hours.

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