Your trustable forklift parts supplier in china

Timely forklift parts supply is usually the headache to many customers. 

One day downtime, will cause a huge loss. 

FORKFOCUS, aims to be your trustable forklift parts supplier in china! 

We offer multiple kinds of forklift spare parts for many brands like HC, HELI..etc. 

Working with us, you’ll receive:

1, Every step from ordering to delivery, are transparent to you!

2, Each forklift part is double confirmed to make sure what you buy is correct as what you need,  

and what we send is exactly what you request.

3, Sufficient forklift spare parts in stock, faster delivery is the normal case.

4, We offer forklift parts for a vast majority chinese forklift brands like Hangcha, Heli..etc.

5,  Every spare parts will be took pictures before and after well packed.                                                                    

6, Each forklift spare part is with their unique label. If you want, we can also make the part description into your official language too.

7, Each forklift spare part package is well packed and fixed to avoid any damages to maximum extent.

8, We believe our professional operations for forklift part supply and delivery will make your job EASIER!

As a trustable forklift parts supplier in china, we accumulated sufficient experiece on this. So contact us now! You just need to keep us adviced the brand name, part number, part picture or serial number for a correct quote.

 Leave message below and shake off the trouble! 

Just send us inquiry, we will handle the rest in a FASTER and more professional way! 

How we deal with your spare part order?

Careful consulation beofore ordering, making sure each part you buy, is exactly what you want.

Ordering process. Make the careful spare parts purchase, ensure these three elements are in 100% associatedly correct. 

These three essential and basic elements are:

  • Part number;
  • Part description;
  • Part picture.


Make the correct parts purchasement.

We have sufficient parts in stock. Usually the delivery time is 1-10 days at most. 

Carefully checking the parts when it’s ready. This is double check, make sure what you want is 100% correct as what you expect. 

Take pictures for each parts, including the pictures for part in overview sight, lable for that single part. 

We will put these pictures in a single file and name the file according to the part item number based on the proforma invoice, letting you know what you will get.

Standard packing for export

Carton box + pallet = Standard packing.
Sometimes we will make wood box too. It depends on the real part conditions.
Well packed and fasten the package, in order to be able to stand for a long transportation under tough situations.

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more Than 100 Product For Your Choice. There Could Be One Of Your Forklift Solution.

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