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Side Loader

Side loader, is about the mast, lifting structure, and forks are located in the middle of the forklift and can move along the horizontal guide rails. The fork is located on the side of the sideloader forklift, and there is a cargo platform on the side too.  It’s maily used for carrying long heavy cargos like steel pipe, long timber, or containers…etc.


FDS30, FDS40, FDS50, FDS60

Load Capacity

3000kg, 4000kg, 5000kg, 6000kg

Fuel Type



Chinese Xinchai, Isuzu, Perkins

Delivery Time

45 days around

Details about Side Loader

With over 30 years manufacturing experience, our side loader forklift is competitive becouse of following features:


  • The machine adopts the popular large-arc and streamlined appearance design. It conforms to the principles of ergonomics, and comfortable operation.
  • Reliable engines and Chinese engine or imported engines are available.
  • Quality hydraulic gearbox and torque converter, with good reliability and lower impact noise.
  • Optional wide base tires, with larger tire load capacity, enhance the stability of the whole truck.
  • The roller arrangement of the well-shaped channel makes the mast move smoothly.
  • The carriage and forks can be tilted, very convenient operation.
  • The front and rear wheels float with the road, making the whole truck run more smoothly.
  • Combined control of outriggers and micro switches to ensure safe operation.
  • Many patented technologies received such as the driver’s cab, instrumentation, parking brake, and service brake.
sideloader forklift

Seat can be 180 degree rotating.

Wide operaton space in cabin

sideloader forklift
sideloader forklift

Super long fork attachment can be customerzied.

Easy for contianer loading.

sideloader forklift
sideloader forklift

What's side loader forklift?

Side loader, as the literal meaning, the load is on the side of a machine. 

The load, lifting structure and lifting mast are placed in the side of side loader. Due to this speical design,  when the side loader truck enters the rack system, the fork faces the storage rack directly, it doesn’t require to make a turning like a ordinary forklift.

Also, When the fork rises along the mast to be higher than the height of the cargo platform, the mast retracts along the guide rail. Lower down the forks, so that the goods will be placed on the platform of the forklift. 



ForkFocus Side loader
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What's the main difference between side loader and counter balance forklift?

The main difference between sideloader forklift and ordinary counterbalanced forklift is the position of the lifting structure.

In addition to lifting and tilting function, sideloader forklift can also be extended and retracted along the side of the truck. 


During transportation, the goods are placed longitudinally on the forklift platform, which requires less aisle width and can make full and effective use of the site area. It’s suitable for loading, unloading, stacking and transportation of long heavy objects like steel pipes, section steels, telephone poles, containers, etc. Therefore, it is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, transportation, construction, and other industries.


In summary, there are two main features of side loader forklift operations:


  • In the process of warehouse operation, sideloader forklift enters into the aisle, and the fork faces the shelf. When doing loading or unloading operations, there is no need to turn first and then to work. This feature makes the side forklift suitable for narrow aisle operations;

ForkFocus Side loader

  • It’s designed for long strip-shaped cargo. Because the long-size cargo is parallel to the sideloader truck and is not limited by the width of the aisle. Pneumatic tires are generally used for outdoor work, and solid tires are generally used for indoor work. Moreover, the side loader can move long goods at a faster speed.

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