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FORK FOCUS, will share you the complete information about electric forklift in one time. There is the complete guide for you and help you buy the most suitable electric forklift.

FORKFOCUS electric forklift, when efficency, agility, realiability, and power are needed.

with FORKFOCUS flexible electric forklift, you can maximise the handling capacity in your warehouse when comes to narrow space operation. Also with three-phase AC motors, our forklift combine the great performance with minimal energy comsuption.

Increase Productivity, FORKFOCUS Li-ion technology.
We have normal Lead-acid battery and Lithium-ion battery available to meet your different unique requirement. Our pioneering lithium-ion technology provides repid charging times and zero maintenance. 

What’s more, the life span for Li-battery is about three times of conventional lead-acid battery. We offer 5 years warranty for Li-ion battery, ensure full li-ion power. It also makes two shifts workable. You can save valuable time, and energy, whilst lowering your operational cost.


If electric forklift classified by number of wheels that it can be divided into two groups: The 3-wheel electric forklift and 4-wheel electric forklift.

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This is our most common electric forklift.

 You can see that its rear wheel is equipped with a counterweight as counter balance.

 Let’s take a closer look at the tires. Its tires are of pneumatic tire structure. 

Note that the pneumatic tire structure here does not mean a pneumatic that must be inflated. It can also have a solid tire, but the shape and structure are still inflatable. 

Solid tires have been translated as Solid Pneumatic, and also as Super Elastic. 

The main difference is the Cushion tire we need to note and will mentioned later. This kind of pneumatic tire is thicker, more elastic, and larger in size.

It is suitable for driving on outdoor and open fields. When you see the tire structure marked with P, that means Pneumatic tire.

And SE refers to Super Elastic pneumatic solid tire. 

C refers to Cushion tire, pressed-on solid cushion tire.

Cushion tire. Cushion literally means soft, cushioning. We generally call it pressed-on tires. 

Compared with the pneumatic tire, its tread is wider, but it has a smaller diameter and less elasticity. 

It is more suitable for driving indoors on a better road conditions. Because of the small tire diameter, this type of forklift is designed to be more compact than the four-wheel pneumatic forklift (pneumatic) of the same tonnage, with a lower chassis, a smaller wheelbase, and a smaller turning radius.

It’s mainly used in North American market. However, in forklift industry we generally call it cushion forklifts or core electric forklift as Toyota. It is rarely literally called a padded tire forklift. Or call it cushion tire directly.

Compared with 4-wheel electric forklift, its biggest feature of this 3-wheel electric forklift lies in its small turning radius, so it is much more flexible.

However, because of this 3-wheel structure, its stability is not very good. Therefore, the general load capacity does not exceed 2 tons, and rarely reaches 2.5 tons.

 In addition, the tire structure can be either a pneumatic tire or a pressed-on type.

Because of the niche market, there comes the mini 3-wheel electric forklift and standing electric forklift on the market as well.

It’s a good alternative between electric forklift and electric stacker. There are many solutions for indoor material handling requirement. Choose the most ideal one for you with spending less but achieving best result. This can be realized by FORK FOCUS.

Stand-up electri forklift

This kind of 3-wheel electric forklift, those three wheels are not distributed in an equilateral triangle like above normal three-wheel type we talked. Instead, the steering wheel is on the side. There is usually an auxiliary wheel below the driver’s position to enhance stability. 

The driver is standing to manipulate. The tire structure is a pressed-on type. It is mainly used in the warehouse. 

Taking into account the application conditions, it requires get on ond off warehouse shelves very offen, so makes such stand-on driving type electric forklift on the market.

 This kind of electric forklift is rarely seen in China, but it is widely used in North American market.

If you have no clear idea about how to choose the right forklift, pls feel free to contact us​



The most read

Forkfocus Aerial Lift platform

Just as the name implies, this is for aerial operation. Its power resourse are by diesel fuel, or by electricity. 


We have what you need regarding forklift attachment. No matter it’s the standard type or Non-standard, we will do our utmost to make you satisfied! 

Large range of attachment from side shifter to multiple types of clamp like carton clamp, tire clamp..etc. From double fork handler to Load stabilizer. We have it all.

Definite guide for forklift battery maintenance

When comes to forklift battery maintenance, there are three key points:

1, Add water correctly.

If the Lower than the rated liquid level, it will shorten the service life of the battery. What’s worse, it will get the battery heated and damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to add distilled water correctly to the specified liquid level (generally it requires the liquid level of the electrolyte 10-15mm over the battery lead plate).

You can also equip with automatic water filling system to add water in time.


2, Pay special attention to wiring terminal, and wire. 

The repair of wiring terminal, wire and cover must be carried out by professional and technical personnel designated by the manufacturer.

Always check the connection of the battery wiring terminal and the connection with the wire for corrosion caused by oxidation. At the same time, check the cover if deformed or heated.


3, Clean

 Clean the dust on the surface of the battery, to avoid forming a discharge loop and shorten the battery discharge time. 

But please be careful not to rinse with water, just wipe it with a clean cloth.

Complete Guide about Daily Maintenance for electric forklift battery charger


We collected the complete tips to guide you how to do the daily maintenance as below:

  • Wipe with a dry cloth or anti-static cloth to keep the charger clean;
  • Do not use chemical or abrasive cleaning detergent, so as not to damage the case;
  • It is necessary to prevent strong shocks from clicking or exposure to high temperature and humidity;
  • The charger is forbidden to disassemble and disassemble without authorization;
  • The charger should be placed vertically, in a dry and ventilated environment, avoid moisture, and stay away from flammable and explosive materials;
  • When the battery is fully charged, disconnect the input AC power first, and then disconnect the connection between the charger and the battery;
  • The AC power supply must be disconnected when there is no one or when it is not used for a long time;
  • Do not cover the charger during the charging process, and the operating environment temperature should not exceed 40°C;
  • This charger is only for indoor use;
  • It is forbidden to charge non-rechargeable battery;
  • The interval between two startups is not less than 10 seconds.
  • The charger should always be kept clean to prevent the intrusion from dust and moisture. When not in use for a long time, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place indoors and covered with a hood. After a period of time, the power should be turned on to keep it dry.
  • During the charging process, the ventilation shutters on the cover cannot be shielded in order to ensure that the heat generated in the charger can diffuse in time.
  • When the fuses in the input and output circuits are blown, they must be replaced according to the required specifications. The fuse should not be too thick and it is never allowed to replace it with a wire. When the AC input voltage is 110 volts, the input current is 10.8 amps. When the AC input voltage is 220 volts, the input current is 5.4 A. When two rectifier tubes work at the same time, the output current can reach 12 A, and when one rectifier tube works alone, the output current does not exceed 6 A. The appropriate fuse should be selected according to the input and output current.
  • The brushes of the sliding contacts of the transformer should be in good contact. When the part of the brush exposed from the copper frame is less than 2 mm, it should be replaced in time.

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