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Electric mini Forklift

China’s forklift industry is creating a new species for global forklift market:  mini electric forklifts. It is expected that this new model will greatly replace counter balanced reach stacker, and will gradually replace some market share of electric stackers. Therefore, the market size of this kind of mini electirc forklift will be very large with a good prospects as well.

It go where the normal electric forklift cannot go. It’s a small forklift. Due to this flexibility, it works much smart for narrow space warehouse.



Rated Load Capacity/kg

1000, 1300, 1500

Delivery time

25 days

Details about Electric mini Forklift


Features for mini electric forklift


  • Smaller turning radius copared normal electric forklift.
  • Smaller size, enable to work in narrow space warehouse.
  • Much more economic price affordable.
  • High quality configurations like:

Curtis controller, like the normal forklift;

– Side way battery changing system, easier to change battery;

 – Electric power steering system;  – Full AC working system;

– Triplex mast available for container working.

Specification for mini forklift
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Unique selling points:

1, It’s the good alternative product between electric stacker and counter balance electric forklift.

2, It’s with curtis controller, same as normal electric forklift.

3, It’s with minum turning radius, can work in narrow warehouse space. 

4, Much more flexible but can also realize all the functions that normal counter balance electric forklift.

5, It’s with competitive price than normal electric forklift. You can save lots of money on this. 

6, It’ll take place of electric stacker or electric forklift gradually. Well acceptable whatever from the forklift functions or prices. 


We work out the best practical material handing solutions for you! 

Why you should choose mini electric forklift?

This Mini Electric Forklift, also called economical electric counterbalanced forklift, is just like the economical walkie electric pallet jack which grows rapidly popular a few days ago. In fact, before this product launch, no matter it is an imported brand, or a domestic brand, the electric pallet truck has been a very mature product with good performance, but the price is also very high. It is far higher than the price of a hand pallet truck. It’s too hard to replace of that because of huge price gap.

They belong to two different species, each developed in parallel, and there is no intersection. Therefore, the business format presented that the hand pallet truck continues to be stable development, and the sales of electric pallet trucks keep going stagnant, unable to achieve breakthroughs.

Since the electric pallet jack was introduced to the market, the distance between the electric pallet truck and the hand pallet truck has been greatly reduced in terms of price, and also with the gradual disappearance of the market dividend of the global labor force in manual labor. Till this time, manual vehicles and electric vehicles realize this important intersection. Consequently, the sales of economic electric pallet jack have achieved rapid growth.

Likewise, the normal electric forklift is also a very mature product, and the product series are also very comprehensive. However, since the advent of the electric counterbalanced forklift, its main models have always been 1-3 tons. The world market is dominated by 2-3 ton models.

However, with the increasingly fierce market competition, forklift manufacturers are forced to pay more attention to product differentiation. In addition to continuing to develop the original 2-3 ton models, they are actively extending to both ends. Now large tonnage can be done to 16 tons of electric counterbalanced forklifts, or even larger, hoping to replace internal combustion forklifts in a wider range.


The development of small-tonnage electric counterbalanced forklifts of 0.5 to 1.5 tons, hoping to gradually penetrate the market share of electric warehouse forklifts.

Electric stacker, is a special form of forklift product, which can realize the horizontal handling and vertical stacking of materials inside warehouse. It has many advantages. Because of its small size, small turning radius, simple operation, and light weight, it is especially suitable for warehouse operations. However, this model has some inherent defects, such as small wheels. Polyurethane materials are generally used. It requires high ground conditions in work area and requires a low degree of gradeability. What’s more, the standard version of electric stacker is generally only suitable for the handling of single-sided pallets, only suitable for indoor operations, not suitable for indoor – outdoor mobile work.

According to the characteristics of this model of electric stacker, and the application scope is strictly limited, it is difficult to promote in an all-round way. However, traditional counterbalanced forklifts are too bulky and expensive, and it also gives certain living space to walkie  equipment, small reach stacker and electric stackers. If you make full use of China’s industrial chain and manufacturing advantages, and lower down the cost of small-tonnage electric counterbalanced forklifts to ultimate, you may be able to create an industry breakthrough similar to electric pallet jack again.

Now, both industry giants and many small or medium-sized enterprises are getting involved in this model. This product is about to open a blue ocean, but it is likely to become a red ocean in an instant.

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