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Electric Pallet Jack

FORKFOCUS’ Electric pallet jack, with the battery and charger integrated. Equiped with Curtis or ZAPI controller, very easy operaton and flexible charging. Access code and Li-battery are available as option. This is with high efficiency compared with hand pallet truck.

Semi-electric pallet truck, is also available: Other functions like travelling, lowering down are electric-powered, only lifting by maunal. Easier to learn and easier to operate.



Rated Load Capacity/ Kg


Delivery Time

25 days around

Details about Electric Pallet Jack


  • Faster delivery : 25 days.
  • Spare parts supply within one week at latest.
  • After sales service 24hours on line.
  • Technical support or consultation in english, 0 communication obstacle.
  • Designed to western high quality standards
  • Assembled with high quality Japanese or western parts
  • Following European ergonomic insights
  • The latest design or technology on this item. 
  • Over ten thoursand units sold out a year, quality guranteed.
  • Li-battery electric pallet truck available.
  • Quality components.

FORKFOCUS’ Electric pallet jack, quiped with ZAPI or Curtis controller. Top quality electric pallet jack with an economic price.

  • Stable structure.

The unique structure allows the pallet truck with a good stability. 

  • Li-battery is available

1.5T & 2.0T Economic electric pallet truck
( Li- battery)

Battery capacity from 20ah to 60ah. Large range helps you make the right decision.

Operational videos for electric pallet truck, Semi-electric pallet truck

1.5T Electric Pallet Truck-2

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