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Sit-on Reach Truck

Sit-on reach truck, with higher stability and can reach a higher height to 12.0m.

We have the load capacity from 1.6T to 2.0T. All standard with Curtis or ZAPI brand controller and function of  driving wheel getting back to central automatically. Plus, Li-battery for sit on reach truck is also available.





Rated Load Capacity/ Kg

1600, 1800, 2000

Load Center/mm


Delivery Time

50 days around

Details about Sit-on Reach Truck

  • Quality components.

FORKFOCUS Sit-on reach truck equiped with ZAPI or Curtis controller, ensures a stable operation. Electric Power Steering (EPS) system, keeps a easy operation.

  • Stable structure.

The unique structure allows the reach truck with a excellent stability and able to reach to 12.0m, the highest mast in china. 

  • Morden outlooking.

We abandon the traditional design, which makes chinese made product no sense of aesthetic perception. It’s the 21 century. China grows unprecedentedly fast and it’s time to shift this mindset. 

  • Standard equiped with comfortable seat and flexible steering wheel, greatly reduce the fatigue of the driver.
  • For high mast over 8.0m, pls consider to take the option: Camera and display, pinpoint every reach precisely. 
  • Safety lights like blue spotights, or red line safety light are workable. 
  • Full suspension seat, optional, if you want. 

The reach truck principle

Reach truck, as the name suggests, it has reaching forward function. This is the unique characteristic for reach truck. It offers two major advantages: 

  • The first is the compact constructure.
  • The second is the high lifting mast height up to 12m or even higher.

Becouse of the reaching forward function, hwen picking up the cargo, reach truck can move its mast forward until the forks are well positioned in front of the truck. This is the function of reaching forward. After reaching forward, the goods can be pulled back between the front and mast for subsequent transport. With such reaching function, makes the reach truck compact and reduce the overall length of the truck. Also it makes the reach truck agile for warehouse operations.

 Reach truck, has a solid contructure which improves driving stability. This makes it able for very high position operations safely.

3Power Battery
4Operation Sit-on
5Rated Load CapacityQ (kg)1600180020002000
6Load CentreC (mm)600
7Lift HeightH3 (mm)50002500
8Free Lift H2(mm)13452610


  • Faster delivery : 60 days around
  • Spare parts supply within one week at latest
  • After sales service 24hours on line
  • Technical support or consultation in english, 0 communication obstacle.
  • Designed to western high quality standards
  • Assembled with high quality Japanese or western parts
  • Following European ergonomic insights

Quick FAQs about reach truck

Warehouses nowadays maximize their space by keeping their aisles narrow and their racks high. For this reason, reach trucks have been a popular choice to use in the warehouse. Reach Trucks are forklifts that can be used in narrow aisles due to their compact design that is suitable for small spaces. Its two outer legs are for distributing loads, and the wheels below the operator help create a more accurate turn that’s good for navigating in small spaces, and despite its size, it can still reach high racks for effective stacking.

Depending on the size of the reach truck which ranges from lightweight to heavy-duty, it normally weighs around 1,000 to 2,500 KG.

Like in anything, experience will be your teacher and having the proper training needed can boost your confidence and make you more knowledgeable to lessen mistakes and be more productive.

Reach Trucks has two categories:

There’s a sit on, where the operator has space to sit on while operating the forklift;

And stand on, where the operator maneuver the truck while standing up.

For the sit-on reach truck, our brand, ForkFocus, carries it with a price that ranges from $15,000 to $25,000, depending on the exact configurations you need.

For the Stand on, it is much cheaper as compared to the sit-on. Reach truck price differe with different truck requirement.

Yes, a reach truck is considered a type of forklift.

The only difference between a Reach Truck and Forklift is that it is smaller in size. Also, while a forklift typically has an operator compartment, the reach truck has a choice between a sit-on or stand-on, offering options for warehouses with narrow aisles.

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