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widely used forklift attachment

Lucky Yue

Lucky Yue

Engaged in forklift industry since 2009

In the other page of attachment, we shared richful information guiding you buying the most suitable forklift attachment. 

Here we will list some of the widely used forklift attachment for your reference. You will aslo get to know what information you have to provide before asking for a quote. 

The high efficency will be acheived by both well prepared work. 

In the meantime, we are able to customize forklift attachment service based on your unique requirement.  You can find out more on this page about how we make it and also for customer cases too! 

  It is used to move goods with pallets left and right and keep the fork spacing no change, With such side shifter attachment, it helps pinpointing the cargo location and stacking. Also it increases the working efficiency of the forklift and extends the forklift life time.

Knowledge points about side shifter:

Installation level: ISO 2/3/4 level

Installation type: External, Integral

Load capacity: 2500~8000kg

Function description: (left/right) side shift


Hydraulically adjusts the fork spacing to handle pallets of different sizes without manually adjusting the fork spacing. By this forklift attachment, it greatly reduces the operator’s the labor intensity.

Important points about Fork-Positioner:

Installation level: ISO 2/3/4 class

Installation type: Hang out type, integrated type

Load capacity: 1500~8000kg

Function Description: Adjusting fork distance

Drum Clamp


      Drum clamp allows forklift trucks to handle one, two or four buckets at one time, ensuring safe and reliable clamping of goods during transportation and significantly improving handling efficiency; Side shifting clamps make clamping and side shifting movement smoother; 360° rotating function drum clamp realizes the operations that require dumping of containers or mixed liquids; Drum clamp is widely used in the handling and stacking of buckets in industries like petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

Important points about drum clamp:

  1. Weight of cargo: Determines the load capacity.
  2. The diameter of the drum: Determines the shape of the drum clamp arm.
  3. The form of bucket placement (vertical or horizontal placed): Determines the type of bucket clamp.
  4. The way the drums are stacked and how its contents are handled (tilted forward, right or left, etc.): Determines the type of drum clamp.
  5. The type of goods in the drum (whether flammable, volatile, explosive, etc.): decide whether to use explosion-proof fixtures.
  6. Number of drums clamped at one time: determines the type of drum clamp.


   It can be rotated 360° to clamp vertically or horizontally positioned paper rolls with high efficiency, safety and no breakage. The paper roll clamp is widely used in paper mills, carton mills, prefabricated cement or metal pipes, logistics warehouses, printing plants, and transformer plants.

 Important points about Paper Roll Clamp:

  1. The weight of the paper roll: Determines the load capacity.
  2. The diameter of the roll (the diameter is uniform or not): determines the opening range and the construction of the attachment.
  3. Paper (kraft, newsprint, white cardboard, coated paper, toilet paper, etc.): Determine the material of the clamp plate.
  4. The outer packaging of the paper rolls (e.g., kraft packaging, plastic film packaging, etc.): Determine the material of the clamp plate.
  5. Number of paper rolls: Determines the type of arm of the attachment (whether the long arm needs to be separated).


It can be rotated 360 degrees for turning cargo and emptying containers, tipping goods over, or placing vertical goods horizontally. Can be used in conjunction with other attachments to make the attachment rotational. Also available exclusively for casting, fishing and explosion-proof products.

 Important points about Rotator:

Mounting form: Hanging type

Load capacity: 2000kg~ 3600kg

Function Description: Rotation, Side Shift

  Weight of cargo: Determines the load of the attachment

 Minimum height of the upper end of the original forklift fork carriage from the ground: Determines the type of fork (A, B or special fork), since it is necessary to ensure that the fork can land on the ground after it is hanged on the attachment.


  Bale clamps is suitable for handling and stacking various types of bales, such as cotton wool, spun fiber, corrugated board, white board, rags, hay, and industrial scrap bales palletless handling, stacking, and rotation-needed operation circumstance. It provides high efficiency, economy, and safety performance. It’s widely used in paper making, recycling companies, railroad transportation, logistics warehouses, docks, textiles and other related industries.

 Important points about Bale Clamp:

  1. Weight of cargo: Determines the load capacity.
  2. Maximum size of cargo across the fork direction: determines the clamp opening range.
  3. The maximum size of the cargo along the fork direction: It determines the arm length of the attachment and load capacity of the attachment.
  4. Height of the cargo: determines the arm height of the attachment.
  5. The type of goods (soft, hard, whether the inner product is extrusion-resistant…etc.) and the outer packaging conditions determine the type of clamp arm.
  6. The number of clamps at one time: determines the arm length and opening range.
  7. Whether the cargo needs to be turned over.



   The load stabilizer is mainly used to stabilize the goods on the pallet to prevent them from slipping during the handling process, especially for the handling and stacking of fragile goods. It is widely used in food, beverage, logistics, import and export trade and other industries.

 Important points about Load Stabilizer:

  1. Height of the cargo: Determines the opening range.
  2. Type of cargo: Determine the type of pressing plate.
  3. The dimensions of individual pieces and the way they are placed, the overall dimensions of the load in the fork direction and across the forks: determines the pressing plate size.
  4. The form of packaging (box, bag, with or without winding film, etc.) and the road conditions (smooth, bumpy) of the forklift operation, determine whether the attachment needs to fix backrest.

Flat (large-sided) Clamp


The flat clamp, is also the generic terms for clamps that with side shifting fucntion. E.g, bale clamp, fork clamp..etc. It can perfectly handle those pallet-less item like cartons, wooden boxes, metal boxes and other box-shaped goods (home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, etc.), greatly save the cost of transportation.

 Important points about Flat Clamp:

Installation level: ISO2/3

Installation form: pendant-mounted

Load capacity: 700kg~ 2000kg

Function Description: Clamping, lateral movement

Tobacco clamp



For cartons in tobacco industry, especially for trayless handling of regrilled cartons, it can handling one, or two, or more cartons at one time.

 Important points about Tobacco Clamp:

Installation class: ISO class 2/3

Installation form: Hanging type

Load capacity: 800kg~ 2000kg

Function description: clamping, rotation, side shifting.

Fork clamp


It can be used for carrying goods in pallet and also for picking up goods, as well as to be used as fork-positioner. If it’s installed a dismountable clamp arm on the fork, that it can carry oil drums, stones (bricks) and other goods.

 Important points about Fork Clamp:

Mounting form: Hanging type

Load capacity: 1500kg~8000kg (fork lift); 700kg~4800kg (clamping)

Function Description: Clamping, (forward) rotation, side shifting.

Push and pull



  It is used for the unit of goods without pallet handling and stacking operations, widely used in food, light industry and electronics industry. The skateboard can use paper skateboard. Plastic skateboard, fiber skateboard. It save the cost of purchase, storage, maintenance for pallets.

 Important points about Push and Pull:

Installation level: ISO2/3

Mounting type: hanging type, quick mounted type (directly mounted on forklift forks)

Load capacity: 1700kg~ 2400kg

Function: pulls goods in or push good out of the skateboard.


  The Carton Clamp provides safe and efficient handling of all kinds of carton packaging. The carto clamp with side shifting function, allows for smoother clamping and lateral movement. The large rubber plate and optional four-position pressure regulating valve, ensure any damage to the cargo during clamping process. It’s widely used in pallet-less handling situation in tobacco, white goods manufacturing and logistics industries, such as tobacco packaging, refrigerators, TVs, washing machines…etc.

 Important points about Carton Clamp:

Weight of cargo: Determines the load capacity.

The dimensions of the cargo: Determines the opening range, length and height of clamp plate.

  It is widely used in building materials, metallurgy and other industries, Especially for the handling of cement blocks, concrete blocks, carbon blocks and so on. High strength and high wear resistance ensure safe handling and extend the service life of forklift. There are three types of block clamp:

 Important points about Block Clamp:

  • The one with side shifter function;
  • The bell jar type, can rotate 180 degree or 360 degree;
  • Telescopic type.

Different type is for its unique working conditions. 

   Individual brick size:

   The weight of stacked bricks:

   The dimensions of stacked bricks:

Tire clamp


  Tire clamp, obviously it’s widely used by tire manufacturers, and warehouses, logistics and transportation companies for handling and stacking all sizes of tires; It can clamp one or more tires placed vertically on the ground. The side-moving clamp arm and the side-shift function enable more efficient clamping, handling and loading operations, In the meantime, it also reduces operator labor, production costs and ensures a safety operation.

  Important points about Tire Clamp:

total weight of tires in one clamp,

how many total height in one clamp,

Tire diameter.

Forkfocus Hinged Broke Handler

Hinged Broke Handler

  It can increase the upward and downward tilt angle of fork carriage. Upward tilt angle 10°-15°, and downward tilt angle 45°, in the same time it will be able to hold the goods, avoid the damage during the handling process. This hinged broke handler can be used with containers like bucket and dump goods in container safely and efficiently. It is widely used in recycling, clamp wastes and other occasions. It greatly improves forklift flexibility.

 Important points about Hinged Broke Handler:

The cargo weight,

Based on our technical parameters to quote.


  It’s able to efficiently handle one or two pallets of goods at one time; Also can carry  two pallets of goods close together or separate them apart; If with side shifter function, it’s much flexible to adjust the fork spacing in order to do a pinpointed operation during stacking, handling, loading and unloading process. If the four forks are fully opened that it can be used for the handling of goods with irregular and large volumes, such as in the brewing, petrochemical, food and logistics fields.

 Important points about Single-Double Pallet Handler:

Cargo weight for one pallet.

Pallet length, width and height dimensions (or fork adjustment range and fork length required by customer).

In FORK FOCUS, we have sales all over 8 years experience in forklift industry. 

We wrote another page about how to buy the correct forklift attachment. You’ll be received a lot to guide you buy correctly. 

If you have non-standard requirement, we can also customize the forklift attachment for your purticular cases.

Just feel free to leaev your troubles to us. We will work out the most practical material handling solution for you! 

***Warm warn Prompt: Pls feel free to comment below and pls on worry that we won’t and would never publish your mail address or send any marketing mails to you without your consent.

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