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Lucky Yue

Lucky Yue

Engaged in forklift industry since 2009

Forklift attachment is an essential option to a forklift under specific working conditions. 

We will guide you to know most complete information about forklift attachment. 

You can also have a quick glance about the popular attachmet list first. 

Here we go.

China Forklift market overview

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused growth in a lot of industries and the world as a whole to decrease. The forklift industry is no different.

In 2019, over 1.4million forklifts were sold globally of which about 43% from China. Although it didn’t increase much in 2020 and 2021, forklifts were in demand.

Check out this about china forklift industry report on year 2020.

The increase in demand for forklift will directly result in the increase in demand for forklift attachments.

‘Work smart’ is a very common saying. Every industry, company or person aspires to achieve more in every given day hence the increase in production of machine, trucks, material handling equipment among others.

One of the significance of Forklifts is its ability to transport, load, unload bulk goods over short distances within a given time.

Forklift attachments are designed to meet your specific task.

Some suppliers will ask the buyers if they also request for attachments (side shifterfork-positioner) when ordering for a forklift in China as it is much more convenient to fix the attachment directly on a new forklift in factory. 

You are welcome to visit this page for FAQs regarind forkift attachment first.

Forklift attachment market in China

Forklift attachments increase productivity.

Like an external helper to the forklift, it is widely used to load, unload, transfer, tip, stack.. cargo. Forklift ( ‘Fork’ ‘lift’) uses a fork to lift loads over short distances.

When forks are unable to lift loads then forklift attachments are used. 

In other words forklift attachments  are used to carry loads which forks are unable to carry. 

Forklift attachment suppliers China provide a wide range of forklift attachments.

Suppliers like Forkfocus provide customized forklift attachments to meet your specific task, warranty, and fast delivery.

For most forklift attachments, the forks are removed and the attachments are mounted directing to the forklift whilst some attachments are mounted on the forks.

It is important to know your requested attachment is exactly what you need.

Why do you need Forklift attachment?

paper roll clamp

The main use of a forklift is to carry load over short distances but what happens when the fork of the forklift is unable to carry a particular load?

This is the biggest reason for the forklift attachment.

Forklift attachments are very necessary to forklift as they are able to carry certain loads in bulk to different locations.  

Forklift forks are one of the important parts of the forklift, but some loads like the paper roll, tires..etc demand another kind of attachment to avoid damage, save time and work efficiently.

Moreover, there is little time in a day for production.

If you want to achieve more in a short amount of time, forklift attachment is a great way to go

Selecting and using the correct forklift attachment for the right job can allow you and your  forklift to  simplify workflow, increase performance, enhance safety, reduce labor cost, increase productivity and  increase drivers efficiency. 


  • Double Performance: Forklift attachments are designed to handle different lifting problems. Attachments can easily be changed which allow workers to complete tasks faster. This allows for a more efficient method of task completion while eliminating downtime.
  • Enhance work safety: Workplace accidents are inevitable when operating heavy machinery, and some vehicles are more prone to incidents than others. Forklift attachments such as the push-pull, carton clamp, paper roll clamp among others are excellent tools to reduce the risk of work accidents, workers injuries, and cargo damage. 
  • Reduce labor cost: warehouses and factories demand a lot of on-site personnel. Purchasing and integrating forklift attachments into your daily operations is a smart way to limit employee hours. By implementing forklift attachments, you have the opportunity to complete tasks with fewer employees thereby saving cost. 
  • Increase productivity:  Operating forklifts strategically like implementing forklift attachments will help your company move faster without needing a variety of high-powered equipment to handle different workloads. 

Growth is a vision of every company and all the above points mentioned leads to the growth of the company. 

The stronger, efficient and productive the company’s internal work, will they achieve all their missions. 

Buying forklift attachments in your country or buying from another country can be difficult.

So, should you ship the forklift to the supplier to be able to get your specific forklift.

What Information do you need to provide to the attachment supplier?

You don’t have to ship the forklift to the supplier to install your specific forklift attachment.

Just provide the correct information about the forklift to the supplier so as to choose the most suitable forklift attachment.

ForkFocus, one of the leading forklift attachment suppliers in China can provide or customize your specific forklift attachment with the correct information provided.

Like any other products when importing from another country, it is important to provide every needed information and take note of every conversation and transaction between each party. 

There is some important information to provide to the supplier when ordering for forklift attachment

As the saying goes “use the right tool for the right job” though. 

Some forklift attachments such as the fork extension can be used together with another attachment to achieve a different outcome..

Each forklift attachment is designed for a specific task. 

Furthermore, some information to be provided cut across all the attachments.

 Information about both the forklift and the cargo must be provided correctly to the supplier in order to provide your required attachment. 

They are: 

FORKLIFT MODEL: as one of the essential information to provide the supplier, the forklift model helps the supplier to narrow down and  identify your forklift. 

Also, the forklift model provides two (2) information to the supplier thus the forklift loading capacity and the forklift engine. 

FORKLIFT TONNAGE: also known as the forklift loading capacity. 

Though the forklift model provides information about the loading capacity, it is important to still provide it to the supplier.

We can ascertain the weight of the cargo and the attachment with the forklift load capacity. 

Inaccurate information about the load capacity may lead to an accident.

 Therefore, it is very important to provide the correct loading capacity to the supplier.

Moreover, as  buyers provide this information, the suppliers also ask some questions to know more about your needs. 

Can buyers provide the information directly?

Yes! Buyers can also directly provide the answers to all of these when ordering but some attachment may not require the provision of this information. 

CARGO WEIGHT: the forklift attachment carry loads hence information about the cargo must be provided. 

To avoid the forklift from tilting forward, the weight of the cargo must correspond to the capacity of the forklift. 

The cargo weight may also determine the size, dimension or diameter of the forklift attachment. 

OUTER PACKAGE OF CARGO: this helps to determine the inner layer of the attachments.

 For attachments like the tire clamp, paper roll clamp..etc, information about the outer package of the cargo must be provided as there are options like paper roll clamp with rubber clamp plate which can better meet your requirements.

DIMENSION AND DIAMETER: this is among the first questions asked by the supplier. The dimension and diameter of your requested attachment. 

The dimensions are mostly asked when you are requesting for attachments such as the fork extension,fork clamp, fork positioner,  pallet handler and more. 

it tells the length, width, depth, or height of the attachment. 

Diameter a segment through a circle is frequently asked when you’re requesting for attachments such as the paper roll clamp, tire clamp..etc. 

The opening range may also be asked by the supplier to ascertain the range of your exact forklift attachment.

Remember, It is very important to provide the  correct information listed above when ordering forklift attachments. 

An addition or deduction in any of the points will lead to the wrong attachment.

And we wouldn’t want that, would we?

There are a variety of forklift attachments to meet your specific task.There are  forklift attachments with collective names. 

For example forklift clamp attachment; a collective name for all clamp attachments. 

Forklift Clamp attachments: there are many sub-categories of forklift clamps, but they all do the same thing. 

They all make it possible to grab and lift non-palletized or standard loads. Example includes:

  • Paper roll clamp,
  • Tire clamp,
  • Block clamp,
  • Foam clamp,
  • Drum clamp,
  • Fork clamp,
  • Bar arm clamp,
  • Steel wheel clamp,
  • Stabilize soft-pack clamp,
  • Pipe clamp,
  • Waste clamp,
  • Tobacco carton clamp,
  • Bale clamp..etc

Moreover, forklift attachments,  such as:

  • Push-pull,
  • Push offs, 
  • Single double pallet handler,
  • Load stabilizer,
  • Forging manipulator…etc

are all used frequently. To let you have a rough idea for these forklift attachments, we made a short introductions for these. 

paper roll clamp

it is a forklift clamp attachment used to handle, carry, stack  paper roll regardless of its size, paper type, weight or diameter without using pallets.  

With capacity of up to 2000 kg, It is a clamp attachment used to load, unload,and stack tires.

bale clamp

The bale clamp can rotate 360 degrees and is suitable for handling different kinds of flexible packaging goods such as paper, food, rag etc.


 It is also called the tobacco carton clamp attachment. It can handle all kinds of materials in the tobacco, cigarette and industries as such. 

carton clamp

It is a Carton clamp that can safely and efficiently carry all kinds of carton packaging.

bell block clamp

It is suitable for pallet-free handling and stacking operations and can safely and efficiently clamp all kinds of stone and brick units.


Double forks

Single Double pallet handler as the name states can be used as a single pallet handler or double pallet handler. It can be combined or separated as required to smoothly fork multiple pallet goods at the same time. The Single Double Pallet Handler is similar to multiple side shifters, it can currently be used in the brick and block industries…etc.

It is a forklift clamp attachment suitable for handling and stacking of barrel goods, such as oil, petrochemical, food and other industries.

 it is mostly used for storage and logistics, goods recovery..etc industries. The fork clamp can hold goods to achieve pallet-free stacking operation.

 Foam clamps are designed to efficiently handle blocks of rubber, foams…etc 

It is a forklift clamp attachment used to handle and stack non-woven fabrics, carpet and other round objects without pallets. 

It can rotate 360 degrees and is suitable for handling all kinds of soft-pack goods such us cement, rice, flour…etc

It stabilizes the goods securely and transported to the assigned locations without causing any damage. It is often used in rice, cement etc. industries.

It is a forklift clamp attachment used to carry all kinds of bulk goods without the use of pallets. 

It is used to stack and handle steel pipes. The pipe clamp is commonly used in the building and construction and engineering industries.

It is used to handle normal round objects at normal temperature without the use of pallets.

Side shifters are for accurate positioning of the goods. It allows the operator to move goods to the left or right positioning the goods to the precise location without the operator having to drive to position. 


Although the adjustment of goods is not as big it allows precise positioning. It is one of the most common optioned attachments when ordering for forklift.


In conclusion, each forklift attachment suppliering company in China may have their own information to ask before providing your exact needed attachment. 



Fork positioners make it easy for the operator to adjust the fork’s distance without getting off the truck and manually moving them. It hydraulically moves the forklift forks inward or outward with hand controls providing an easier way for handling pallets and loads.


Popularly used on heavy duty forklifts at the port, ceramic factories, loading bays, building material factories among others. Some suppliers may provide longer warranty, after sales services and discounts whilst other suppliers may not.


Sometimes the length of loads exceeds the length of the fork. In this situation forklift fork extensions are the perfect forklift fork attachment to opt for.


 The fork extensions provide additional length to the fork making it easier to transport goods to different locations. It must be noted that, when the fork is extended the loading capacity of the forklift decreases.

forklift with rotator

Rotators allow the forks to spin in a circular motion. It efficiently rotates 360°, tips and discharges load to the required direction. 

The rotators are used mostly in the recycling, manufacturing, plastic, automotive and agricultural industries.

In conclusion, each forklift attachment suppliering company in China may have their own information to ask before providing your exact needed attachment. 

Some suppliers may provide longer warranty, after sales services and discounts whilst other suppliers may not.

It is important to know your Chinese supplier and their provisions before placing your forklift attachment order.

Discuss your exact requirement to your china forklift attachment supplier in detail to avoid any misunderstandings.

This is why Forkfocus is available for you …

Forkfocus provides customized forklift attachments, longer warranty, quality after sales services. If you are not so clear about your working condition, or requirement, we can tailormade the forklift attachment for you. You can get new insight and confidence about how we customize the most suitable forklift attachment rightly for your unique requirement. 

We could be one of your high-quality forklift attachments supplier in China, to increase your work efficiency and productivity. 

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