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Applications of Forklift in Ports & Terminals

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In ports and terminals, cranes and industrial trucks are used for loading and unloading containers or ships all day long. So it requires the construction forklift able for three-shifts workings and with high productivity.

In port & terminals, the heavy duty forklift is widely used for such working conditions, like reach stacker, 28T or 42T heavy diesel forklift. 

FORKFOCUS 32T forklift

Heavy duty forklift 28t-32t

Capacity: 28000kg-32000kg;
Lifting height: 0-7000mm;


Heavy Duty Forklift 14t-18t​

Capacity: 14000kg-18000kg;
Lifting height: 0-7000mm;

Capacity: 5000kg-10000kg;
Lifting height: 0-7000mm;
Engine: Isuzu, cummins, Deutz, Chinese engine.

Capacity: 2000kg-25000kg;
Lifting height: 0-7000mm;
Engine: Isuzu, cummins, Deutz, Chinese engine.

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Applications Of Forklifts In Ports And Terminals

Forkfocus forklift

Forklifts are industrial trucks used to transport goods, heavy containers, or even vehicles.

In almost all industries, they are extensively used for almost the same purpose. Among many other weight-lifting large cranes, big forklifts are an accurate and efficient piece of equipment used at ports and terminals.

There are many types of giant forklifts used in the industrial sector.

 let us walk you through some of the most important applications.

● Warehousing


Ports and terminals are hubs of large quantity goods transportation.

Most of the time, these goods are directly transferred to trucks and sent for deliveries to their exact locations.

However, in other cases, not all of the goods are directly transported to their direct locations and need o to be stored in warehouses for long-term storage.

It is impossible to use cranes in the warehouses; therefore, there is a need for smaller lift truck that can help in taking the goods to large containers and warehouses to be arranged and stored there.

Construction forkliftcan do miracles in this case and help to take goods from the ships to the warehouse and store them efficiently without much human resources and time required.

● Loading The Delivery Trucks

The moment a ship settles itself on a terminal, there is a rush to transfer the load from it as quickly as possible.

Forklifts have a direct application here as they act as transporters to move bulky cargos from the doc side ship to the delivery trucks so that they can be transferred and delivered to different locations.

● Transportation of Steel and Wood Shipments

Forklifts are used to transport heavy steel and wood shipments exported or imported through ships between countries.

They are weighty loads that are difficult to transport with any other machinery.

Types of Forklifts Used In Ports And Terminals

There are more than 100 kinds of forklifts available nowadays, but not every forklift can be used in ports and terminals because of the specificity of requirements.

So some of the forklifts that are used on ports and terminals are the following:

1. Reach Stackers

They are commonly used in ports to transport containers over a short distance quickly.

They are usually used to lift/stack heavy containers.

2. Sideloader forklift

side loader forklift is designed to carry long load lifting that can weigh from 5500lbs to 17600 lbs.

Working on just three wheels, they are efficient enough to move between narrow places as they are designed in a way that the long loads are placed in alignment with the forkli

Benefits Of Forklifts In Ports And Terminals

Forkfocus forklift

Forklifts are highly beneficial industrial vehicles that are used for transportation. Some of the significant benefits include load capacity, ease of operation and maintenance, and time-saving.

● Big Load Capacity

The load capacity of forklift can exceed up to 45000kg are very beneficial because such huge loads are not possible to carry for humans and are the work of a machine.

● Ease Of Operation and Maintenance

The forklift is not that difficult to handle and operate as a crane could be.

It is just like driving a vehicle with some additional controls that are required to practice before a worker starts to put accurate loads on his forklifts.

They are also with the ease of maintenance because there are hundreds of ships on ports all the time, so if a forklift has to be maintained frequently, it will become difficult for them to be used on ports and terminals.

● No Damage Or Loss

Forklifts are a good choice for ports and terminals because they are very prone to cause very little or no damage to the goods and other loads that they carry.  

● Time-Saving

Forklift save time from fast transportation of loads from one ship to another, from ship to the port, from terminal to the ship, and more.

There is a need for fast working equipment on ports and terminals because of the busy schedules.

A ship needs to be unloaded within a specific time to free the terminal before the arrival of the next ship.


Forklifts have been used on ports and terminals for years, and they have provided their services.

The reason why they are preferred lies in their efficiency within their petite bodies, or you may call them a small solution for big problems.

Ports and terminals are places that cannot be operated without forklifts because it would have been difficult to load and unload the vast ships using mere human resources.

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