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Heavy Duty Diesel Forklift 5.0-10.0T

FORKFOCUS’ Heavy duty diesel forklift, equiped with chinese or Japanese imported engine. The thicker chassis allows a solid stability. The 10.0T diesle forklift is able to carry empty container easily. For heavy duty diesel forklift from 8t to 10t,  all standard equiped with fork-positioner, release your hands to adjust the fork distance.


FFD50, FFD60, FFD60, FFD80, FFD90, FFD100

Rated Load Capacity/ Kg

5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000, 10000

Load Center/mm


Fuel Type



Chinese engine, Original Japanese Isuzu, Cummins, Deutz …etc

Delivery Time

45 days around

Details about Heavy Duty Diesel Forklift 5.0-10.0T

  • FORKFOCUS’ forklift heavy duty diesel forklift,  range from big 5.0T to 10.T, all with load center 600mm, double front wheels.
  • FF Counterbalanced Diesel Forklift provides you with multiple choices as per your real needs. Different engine options with differnet price to meet your different budget. 
  • The improved forklift chassis ensures a great stability and an little bit overload allowed for some special condition.
  • The layout of axle, transmission, brake system, engine, and radiator, designed to provide a easy-access for your maintainance.
  • The suitable height from seat to overhead, makes the forklift versatile to multiple working conditions. Also a wider pedal space, easy-reach control level, greatly reduce the fatigue of driver when they are doing a intensive operation a day.
  • The strong forklift structure, with good engine fitted, provide the forklift with high performance and improve the productivity.


  • Faster delivery : 45 days.
  • Spare parts supply within one week at latest.
  • After sales service 24hours on line.
  • Technical support or consultation in english, 0 communication obstacle.
  • All forklifts are designed to western high quality standards
    Assembled with high quality Japanese or western parts
  • Following European ergonomic insights
3Power Type Diesel
4Rated Load CapacityQ(kg)5000600070008000900010000
5Load CentreC(mm)600
6Rated Lift HeightH3(mm)3000
7Free Lift HeightH2(mm)152
8Fork Size (L×W×T)mm1220×150×601220×150×651220×175×751220×175×80
Engine Model 6102BG6A-6BG1QCQSB4.5 (EuⅢ & EPAⅢ)TCD3.6(EuIII B)CA4DF3-12GCG3UTCD 3.6L4
Rated Output / r.p.m.kw80.9/250082/200082/220074.4/230085/220090/2300
Rated Torque / r.p.m.N·m353/1650416/1400-1600489/1500330/1600460/1400-1500500/1600
No.of Cylinder 64
Bore x Strokemm102×118105×125107×12498×120110*12598×120

Popular Options

Multiple choice of attachments like rotator, paper roll clamp, bale clamp…etc. Consult us if you need to stack any kind of goods./attachment/

It’s to move the forks towards the same direct and keep the fork distance no change.

It’s to adjust the fork distance easily without by manual. For EU market, it’s a hot option.

For smooth or rough ground.

A comfortable seat could greatly reduce the driver fatigue and keeps a safe operation. We have good chinese brand and grammer brand.

Safety lights could give a clear signals to surrounding peole and keep safe working environment to driver, people, machine and goods. 

Extended warranty options for major components and wearables offer long-term protection and peace of mind. Choose from coverage up to two or three years that best fits your real needs. 


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