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Applications of Forklift in Food and Pharma Industry

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Forklifts is widely used in food and pharmaceutical industry, like applications in grocery retail, bulk Food and Beverages Materials Handling, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Cold Storage Warehousing..etc. 

It requires the forklift moving fast and works stable to keep a high efficiency and enhance productivity in the end. 

The most common types of forklifts used in the food and pharmaceutical industries are: 

Electric Forklift has grown in popularity in forklift market and is recommended for food packing, storage, processing, and handling by the Global Food Safety Initiative.

The electric forklift is considered more sustainable for the following purposes: 


  • Indoor material handling and warehousing 
  • Control of fuel emissions and pollutants like carbon monoxide
  • Safety and sanitation in sensitive areas like food storage areas 
  • Cold storage material transport and inventory

The reach truck is a common feature in small warehouses as its structure can maneuver smaller aisles. The reach truck utilizes weight distribution to hold the bulk of the load at its base and is fitted with a small chassis to make material handling easier. 

Reach trucks are usually of two types:

Both types can work well for materials handling.

However, a sit-on is a better solution for continuous order processing and operation. The standing can wear out the operator during daily operations. 

Capacity: 1500kg-5000kg;
Lifting height: 0-7000mm;
Controller: Curtis/Inmotion

Capacity: 1300kg-2500kg;
Lifting height: 0-7000mm;
Controller: Curtis/Inmotion

Pallet truck is typically used to work inside warehouse.  There are many various warehouse equpments to work for indoor operation.

It resembles a trolley and is also referred to as pallet jack. 

It is most useful in grocery or food retail because of its size and maneuverability in the food industry context. The equipment can be used between aisles and shelves for storage or inventory.

As is typical in supply chain logistics, the pallet truck is also a regular feature on docks and warehouses because it is ideal for bulk orders’ material handling and shipping logistics. 

Hand pallet jack employs a manual system and handles that control the fork of the machine. The pallet jack is operated by hand to load, lift, move, and shift pallets of smaller sizes. 

The hand pallet jack can be used in warehouses and factories for smaller pallets. Still, it is typically employed in food and beverage deliveries and grocery retailers for continuous order processing and pallet loading. 

Capacity: 1500kg-3000kg;
Operation typle: Stand-on/ walkie
Controller: Curtis/Inmotion

Capacity: 2000kg-3000kg;
Pump: Welded pump/Integrated pump

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Applications of Forklift in Food and Pharma Industry

Forklift, is the essential tool to handle materials in food and pharma industry. Here are some examples of forklift applications:  

Grocery Retail

The forklift type employed depends on the specific stage of the food supply chain, and warehousing/ material handling needs. For instance, a perishable item would require cold storage and forklifts that can work well in cold storage. 

Grocery retailers often use smaller forklifts to process shipments and goods supply.

Bulk Food and Beverages Materials Handling 

Bulk orders of Food and Beverages need processing in warehouses, farms, grocery stores, processing facilities, and other retail facilities. Different forklifts are then used to facilitate the pallet handling of the bulk orders according to the type of products and weight classes. 

Commercial Food Processing Facilities 

Along with material transportation, forklifts can help the processes of commercial food preparation, processing, and preservation at the production facilities.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 

Pharmaceutical manufacturing may necessitate appropriate temperature control, faster transportation, steadier material handling, and sanitized surfaces—all requirements that a forklift user can provide. 

Cold Storage Warehousing 

Food and pharmaceutical products require cold storage and specialized preservative techniques and warehousing for perishable products and need refrigeration. 


Frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, and perishable goods all need continuous or non-continuous refrigeration throughout their supply chain. 



The speed in transportation can be crucial for products that might require temperature consistencies, preservation, and protection from a non-refrigerated environment. 

Benefits of Forklift in Food and Pharma Industry


forklift cost

Efficiency is a vital target for all logistics systems, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Products can spoil and perish if the supply chain is delayed or order handling is not thorough, fast, and efficient. 


Safety is a significant factor in the food and pharmaceutical industries because of international and national regulations for the safety of workers and sanitation conditions to avoid cross-contamination and ill-exposure to the materials and their consumers. 

Strict legal boundaries around chemical hazards are in place to avoid contaminant risks. While materials in the food and beverages industry are just as sensitive to contamination, the pharmaceutical material handling calls for the following factors to be strictly fulfilled:

  • Sanitation and Hygienic Sensitivity 

Pharmaceuticals require hygienic sensitivity and cannot have contaminants come in contact with surfaces of a forklift or other transport vehicles. Contaminants from forklifts, such as emissions, therefore cannot be present. 

  • Damage Resistance and Protection Features 

A forklift is only employed in a pharmaceutical context if the forklift has collision and explosion protection. Shipping in pharmaceutical enterprises necessitates the risky handling of volatile chemicals and exposure to chemical residue. 

A forklift must have adequate safety features that will allow resistance against chemical reactions that have the potential to destroy materials and endanger employees. 


Forklift is a revolutionary new material handling solution that enables automation of palletized goods in the food and pharma industries. It eliminates manual labor, minimizes accidents, reduces injuries, improves worker safety and decreases costs by reducing reliance on human power for lifting heavy loads. Visit our product section to choose the best forklift that can help your business today!

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