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Applications of Forklift in Automotive Industry

Forklift plays a major role in automotive industry, especially along with the emerging new energy of forklift which are taking the place of traditional forklift gradually, So does AGV.

Forklifts are mainly used to move parts or components during manufacturing and assembly, even loading and unloading trucks. 

How to choose the correct forklift you greatly need? 

In automotive industry, warehouse equipment usually be the good choice. It requires the forklift works indoor more often. But sometimes request the forklift working outside too. We list some popular models for your reference. 

Capacity: 2000kg-6000kg;
Controller: Curtis/ZAPI

Capacity: 120kg-1600kg;
Lifting height: 0-5000mm;
Controller: Curtis/ZAPI

Capacity: 1300kg-5000kg;
Lifting height: 0-7000mm;
Controller: Curtis/Inmotion

Capacity: 1500kg-3500kg;
Lifting height: 0-7000mm;
Engine: Isuzu/Mitsubishi/Yanmar/Chinese engine

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5 Best Applications of Forklift in Automotive Industry

Material Handling

The automotive industry requires material handling equipment like the electric forklift for large metal sheets.

These weigh about 6-8 tons, which makes their movement difficult.

Forklifts are used to perform such tasks as they provide safety, efficiency, and productivity.  

Improves Transporting

Forklift helps to improve transport materials around a manufacturing or storage facility.

They also help to load/unload train cars containing parts, transport materials through large warehouses.

High Burden Limit

Many automotive manufacturers rely on forklifts to assemble entire vehicles. Without forklifts, the automotive industry would be slowed down significantly.

Automotive industries also requires them to carry heavy materials around about 8000 pounds or more depending on their size and weight.

Forklift trucks have sensors that tell you how much weight they can carry, for example – making it easy to see when a load is too heavy.

Warehouse Management

Forkfocus forklift

A warehouse is a place where materials are stored, but the industry has evolved to include more than just shelving and storage. It minimizes workers’ risk by reducing manual labor and ensures efficiency by using forklifts.

However, automotive warehouses use forklifts as an essential part of their inventory management system.

Forklift move smaller loads where it’s difficult for hand carrying. As well as used in maintenance workshops, storage areas, and assembly lines.

Increase Output

In the automotive industry, productivity is critical. An increase in output can make or break a company.

Forklifts provide higher output by speeding up the work process. Hence increase productivity and make a big difference.

Types of Forklifts used in the Automotive Industry

Different types of forklifts can be used in this setting.

The automotive field has very specific requirements, and electric forklifts meet those needs while providing other benefits as well. Most important, because it is almost entirely done indoors.

Also, less noise, and no risk of harmful emissions being released in such working environment.

Further more, Electric forklifts requires less maintenance than gas-powered forklifts and easier to operate.

Automated Forklift

As it is Self-Driving computer-cotrolled Forklift. It do not require any human intervention while transporting goods.

It minimizes damage costs and improves labor efficiencies while offering operators tasks with more added value.


Forklifts are an integral part of the automotive industry. If you have a factory or warehouse that relies on moving parts and components efficiently to produce your product, then forklift trucks are absolutely essential for your business.

As technology advances with electric vehicles becoming more popular for consumers, these machines will likely become even more important in years to come.

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