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IC Counter Balance Forklift, Classic And Durable.

Traditonal internal combustion forklift, is always the versatile product, and with many engine options. Count on ForkFocus to offer the most suitable solution combined with strength, comfort driving and flexible applications.

Rough terrian forklift, strong and solid

2WD & 4WD type of rough terrian forklift available. Engine options like chinese brand, Yanmar, cummins and Germany brand Haze with EPA certificate.

Electric Forklift, Smart And Environment-Friendly

The electric forklift nowadays accounts for a bigger market share.  With the new engery like Li-battery emerge, electric forklift can be a good alternative for IC forklift.

Mini Electric Forklift, flexible operation for warehouse

Mini electric forklift, purticularly for indoor operation, but much more flexible compared with normal size forklift or counter balance reach stacker.

Electric Articulated Forklift

It’s a great choice to replace the very narrow aisle ( VNA) truck due to its flexibility and cost saving consideration. It can work under 1.9m working aisle. This kind of electric articulated forklift is widely used in warehouse like drug strore, part center …etc for high location goods selection. 

Pallet truck, small but versatile

Economic 1.5T electric pallet jack is on market, also have the classic 2.0T to 3.0T electric pallet truck. All could be with ZAPI or Curtis controller.

Stacker, Multiple Types, Fully Take Care Of Your Demand.

Three types of stackers offered: Full electric stacker, Semi-electric stacker, and manual stacker. Various options support a flexible application and a easy buying decision.

Reach Truck, Reach New Height To 12m

With the newly update, our reach truck can reach to 12m. The visibility and energy saving improved as well. The FF reach truck, helps your handlings accurately and efficiently.

New product: Order picker and economicl stand-on reach truck

The middel level order picker, fit for different height of warehouse shelves picking, from 3.0m to 6.0m.

Economic stand-on reach truck, excellent turning radious operation from 1380-1580mm.

Aerial platform, the sky hero

It’s a widely used special equipment for aerial work. Its scissors mechanical structure makes the lifting platform has higher stability, wide operating platform and higher bearing capacity. It makes the aerial operation more efficient and safer.

Tow Tractor

The electric tow tractor is driven by motor, which is used for the transportation of a large number of goods inside and outside the workshop…etc. Tow tractors are needed to solve the efficient transportation of materials in different sections.

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