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Rough Terrian Forklift 4WD 1.8-3.5T

This kind of 4WD rough terrian forklift is able to work for various tough working contidions like rough ground, muddly land, or construction site. 4-wheels driven, much more powerful. We have two types of 4WD rough terrian forklift, one is with normal durm brake and the other is wet brake and the latter one cost more than the first.


FFD18, FFD25, FFD35

Rated Load Capacity/ Kg

1800, 2500, 3500

Load Center/mm


Fuel Type



Chinese Xinchai, Original Japanese Isuzu, Yanmar, Mitsubishi }Hatz

Delivery Time

45 days around

Details about Rough Terrian Forklift 4WD 1.8-3.5T

  • FORKFOCUS 4WD Rough Terrian Forklift, available with chinese engine, Yanmar engine, Cummins engine and HATZ engine for EU market. 
  • The improved forklift chassis ensures a great stability and an little bit overload for some special condition allowed.
  • The layout of axle, transmission, brake system, engine, and radiator, designed to provide a easy-access for your maintainance.
  • The suitable height from seat to overhead, makes the forklift versatile to multiple working conditions. Also a wider pedal space, easy-reach control level, greatly reduce the fatigue of driver when they are doing a intensive operation a day.
  • The strong forklift structure, with good engine fitted, provide the forklift with high performance and improve the productivity.
  • FORKFOCUS DESIGNED radiator, with excellent cooling performance, keeps a perfect heat release system and enable the machine works for a longer time.
  • Differential lock with patent.


  • Faster delivery : 40 days.
  • Spare parts supply within one week at latest.
  • After sales service 24hours on line.
  • Technical support or consultation in english, 0 communication obstacle.
  • Designed to western high quality standards
  • Assembled with high quality Japanese or western parts
  • Following European ergonomic insights

So there is the question:

 What difference between forkfocus rough terrain forklift and ordinary forklift?

  When heard about of off-road forklift truck, we know this forklift truck can be off-road. We all call it rough terrian forklift.

Rough terrain forklift, its definition is mainly based on the application working conditions. Usually we classify forklifts to be :

all of them are classified according to the power source.

There are also front forklifts, side forklifts and reach trucks, which are all classified according to the structure.

According to the application conditions, there are: Rough terrain forklifts, Cold storage forklifts, Explosion-proof forklifts, Stone forklifts, etc. These forklifts are specially designed to meet the specific application conditions.

Firstly, let’s see what are the different features of rough terrain forklifts compared with ordinary forklifts?

  1. High passability

1.1, The main function of rough terrain forklift is off-road. Those what ordinary forklift can’t pass, rough terrain forklift can get it going. Just think about the difference between off-road vehicles and ordinary cars. For example, when travelling the uneven road, ordinary cars must have been stranded on the chassis. But due to high chassis of off-road vehicles that the off-road car can pass it without no problem. Usually the ground clearance of the rough terrian car is two times of the standard car.


1.2, off-road forklifts have four-wheel drive function, plus differential lock function, which is a good solution to the problem of slippage. Especially in the mud pit, ordinary forklift can not go through it, which just is suitable for working on even ground.

  1. High stability

  As we have just said, the chassis is high, so the center of gravity is also high. In order to increase the stability when working under uneven places, rough terrain forklift is generally longer and wider than ordinary forklift in the terms of the wheelbase for the same tonnage

forklift. Therefore the stability should be stronger. And the rough terrain forklifts are generally working in outdoors situations, The outdoor space is large, unlike in the narrow warehouse aisle where you can’t turn around, so you don’t need to care much about the flexibility of the forklift.


  At the same time, rough terrain forklift has Multiple buffering treatments like big tires, suspension cabin, shock absorbing seat, and then with full floating transmission system to further reduce the impact from engine vibration to the whole truck, even on the uneven road. Thus the driver also can feel such vibration greatly reduced and was received a high level comfortable operation experience.


 The hinge of the steering axle also has a large swing range

  1. High hill climbing performance

3.1 The engine of rough terrain forklift is generally more powerful. The climbing ability can reach 60%, which is 2-3 times of the ordinary forklift of the same tonnage.

3.2 When you keep reading here, you can see how strong the rough terrain forklift it is. Also its tires are wider and bigger. And the tread pattern is also especially deep, anti-skid and also anti-puncture. It’s the special tires for rough terrain forklift, greatly different from the ordinary tires of ordinary forklifts.

tire on FF forklift

  1. High reliability

Since rough terrain forklift usually works in outdoor conditions like mud farm, the working environment is much worse than the ordinary forklift. Therefore, it should be especially sturdy to use and cannot break down frequently. So, when you want to buy a good rough terrain forklift, you can check those key points. Glad that Fork Focus rough terrain forklift meet all of these request.

  1. First of all, usually the mast, drive axle and steering axle will be strengthened to improve the safety factor by more than 3.5 times, in order that they can be fearless of extreme road bumps and huge impacts.
  1. Secondly, two-stage air filter, it will be adopted to filter the dust and impurities of the air.
dual air fileter on FF rough terrain forklift
  1. Strengthen the waterproof performance, Because working in the outdoor, mud and water will increase the probability of wading.
  1. Fully closed wet brake. Most other Chinese suppliers fix with ordinary drum brake. But this ordinary drum brakes are open brakes, thus water, mud, oil and dirt take great impact on brake, while wet brakes can be completely avoided this trouble. It has a long brake life, reliable braking torque, most important, it’s maintenance-free.

wet brake for FF rough terrain forklift

  1. The cylinder piston rod will add a protective sleeve to prevent sand and dust from scratching the piston rod
  1. Vertical exhaust. If the exhaust pipe is too low, and when the wading area is too deep, that will result in a bad damage to engine.

Well,  in summary, we find that the rough terrain forklift has high passability, high reliability, high climbing ability and high stability characteristics. With these characteristics, it can go over the mountains, farms, hill, under the harsh environment, which never can be done by ordinary forklifts.

Popular Options

Multiple choice of attachments like rotator, paper roll clamp, bale clamp…etc. Consult us if you need to stack any kind of goods./attachment/

It’s to move the forks towards the same direct and keep the fork distance no change.

It’s to adjust the fork distance easily without by manual. For EU market, it’s a hot option.

For smooth or rough ground.

A comfortable seat could greatly reduce the driver fatigue and keeps a safe operation. We have good chinese brand and grammer brand.

Safety lights could give a clear signals to surrounding peole and keep safe working environment to driver, people, machine and goods. 

Extended warranty options for major components and wearables offer long-term protection and peace of mind. Choose from coverage up to two or three years that best fits your real needs. 


2Power type Diesel
3Rated capacityKg180025003500
4Load centremm500500500
5Lifting heightmm300030003000
6Free liftmm105160165
7Fork sizemm1070×100×351070×122×401220×122×45

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