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Heavy Duty Forklift 28T-32T

28-32T Diesel forklift are on the market. Advanced configurations are equiped, greatly increase productivity. It might be easy to buy such heavy duty forklift from china, but a timely spare parts supply is very neccessory even essential to take into consideration before you buy.

Buying wisely and compare comprehensively, instead of focus on pricing only. Forklift running smoothly, could be the most important point to consider. The small price difference doesn’t count much, but a stable quality forklift counts.


CPCD280, CPCD300, CPCD320

Rated Load Capacity/kg

28,000, 30,000, 32,000

Load Center/mm


Fuel Type


Delivery Time

35-45 days

Details about Heavy Duty Forklift 28T-32T

Strong power system

We equip with Cummins engine,  which is with high performance but with less engery comsuption.  

Except that, standard equiped with large radiator and big fan, excellent heat release system in order to be able for a long workhong hours.

Imported transmission

We apply imported ZF micro controller with 3 stage power-shifts, which enables a high reliability. 

robust mast

Reinforced fame mast with a wider version. Plus the speed limit control, the mast going up or going down much safe and stable.

CAN Bus communication system

The CAN controller collects all the information from engine, transmission, sensors, pressure switches and faults, the driver can see informative information directly from displayer. 

Heavy duty forklift Standard equiped with:

  • Neutual switch.
  • Wide view mast.
  • Gauge of Hydraulic lvel.
  • 4 Sec. multi-way valve.
  • pattern oil-resistant tires.
  • Slef-lock valve.
  • Limit speed valve.
  • Air cleaner.
  • Oil pressure warning.
  • Full cabin with front/rear wiper.
  • Speedmeter.
  • Water temperature gauge.
  • Air conditioner.
  • Fork-positioner with side shift function.
  • Luxury seat.
  • Buzzer.
  • OPS.
  • …etc.



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Heavy Duty Forklift – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Are you looking to ease handling the heavy tools and parts when your company is given a construction project?

In both of these cases, a heavy-duty forklift seems like the best solution.

In the following guide, we have gathered some commonest questions asked about the working and properties of the heavy-duty forklift.

So let’s get started!

Chapter 1. What Is A Heavy Duty Forklift?

A heavy-duty forklift is defined as the highest quality industrial truck used to deal with heavy-weight objects on construction sites.

It is mainly used to move the stack or load of the goods at a shorter distance or height.

It comes with two or more different power-operated horizontal prongs that help lift the weights with increased ease.

It’s used for lifting the weight and bringing the weight down from a short height. In this way you can lift the loads with greater ease.

The prongs of the heavy-duty forklift are used to slide under the load that needs to be lowered or raised.

Chapter 2. How To Choose A Fork Lift?

You can choose a forklift by following the given tips:

· Weight Capacity

The forklift’s weight capacity determines the ability of the machine of different objects at a certain height.

· Load Type

Another essential factor that you need to keep in mind while choosing the right forklift is the type of load. The nature of the load matters a lot.

Forklifts are different for different materials. If you have a pallet load, the forklift must be sturdy enough to deal with it. 

· Lift Height

Many forklifts are now available with different mast height. It determines the ability to bear the weights of different materials. 

Chapter 3. How Much Is A Heavy Duty Forklift?

The price differs a lot for different load capacity from usd30k to usd300k. There is a large range of factors that can change the price of the heavy-duty forklift.

There are many manufacturers out there in China who provide the highest quality of forklifts at reasonable rates.

Among those manufacturers, Fork Focus stands on the top for meeting the forklift requirements of the users around the orb.

You can get in touch with us if you want best services for the processing and installation of the heavy-duty forklift.

Chapter 4. What Is The Maximum Weight Can A Heavy Duty Forklift Lift?

So far in china, the maximum weight that a heavy-duty forklift can bear ranges up to 45000 kg.

You can choose the different heavy-duty forklifts for loading or unloading different ranges of loads with great ease.

Chapter 5. What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Heavy Forklift?

Almost all forklifts are available with a longer lifespan. It is estimated to range from 10,000 to 20,000 hours.

However, this random value is the estimated lifespan of the heavy forklift since many factors can alter its durability.

The recurrent use has also been observed, causing a decline in the life duration of the heavy forklift.

The durability mentioned above of a heavy forklift is observed without any significant repair or replacement.

But the replacement of its parts and repair of the damaged parts can decrease the lifespan.

The experts have also observed the harsh working conditions as a negative factor for the durability of the heavy forklift machine.

Chapter 6. How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Heavy Duty Forklift?

The maintenance cost of the heavy forklift depends on its type and overall performance.

In the case of the electric forklifts, the maintenance cost per year can range up to $500.

But when it comes to the maintenance of the diesel or LP forklift, the maintenance cost is estimated up to $1500 per year.

However, both these values are calculated annually. But the prices can vary according to the condition of the heavy-duty forklift.

Chapter 7. What Is The Delivery Time Of A Heavy Duty Fork Lift From Chinese Manufacturers?

The delivery time of a heavy-duty forklift from Chinese manufacturers ranges up to 55-70 days.

It can vary according to the imposed restrictions due to COVID-19.

FORK FOCUS makes sure to use the ocean freight shipping method to transport the manufactured heavy forklifts to different parts of the world.

Chapter 8. What Is The MOQ From Chinese Fork Lift Manufacturers?

The commonest MOQ of the Chinese manufacturers in the case of a heavy-duty forklift is one.

You are required to order at least one heavy-duty forklift from the manufacturer if you want to avail of their services.

Other than this, the sample testing for checking the working efficiency of the forklift is done at the manufacturing site.

Thus, the users don’t have to bother about the quality and performance of the heavy-duty forklifts manufactured by Chinese manufacturers.

Chapter 9. Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide OEM/ODM Services?

Yes, almost all Chinese manufacturers are eligible enough to accept the OEM or ODM demands of the customers around the orb.

Not only this, but the OEM services for different components or parts of the heavy-duty forklift are also available at the Chinese manufacturers.

However, this is not the focused business of the Chinese forklift manufacturers, but they are providing such services to catch the customers’ attention.

The prices of the OEM services at the Chinese platforms are pretty competitive. They don’t make much profit from the customers. Thus you don’t have to bother about wasting your money.

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