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Heavy Duty Forklift 20T-25T

We provide 20t-25t diesel forklift on the market. It’s built to stand for long working hours with robust engines and high class configurations. Also it delivers a confortable operation for driver, greatly reduct the fatigue.


CPCD200, CPCD250

Rated Load Capacity/kg

20,000, 25,000

Load Center/mm


Fuel Type


Delivery Time

35-45 days

Details about Heavy Duty Forklift 20T-25T

Compared with other forklift manufactures, we have:

  • Improved fast lifting speed,  high productivity acheiveable.
  • Imported ZF transmission, extend the lifespan of forklift turck !
  • Well-known components from well known domestical brands or foreign brands.
  • Higher configurations  like  fork positioner with side shifter function…etc.
  • Prompt delivery time up to 35 days for urgent orders.
  • Spare parts supply one-day delivery usually workable!
  • Professional and strong technical team to backup your specific requirement.

Standard equiped with:

  • Neutual switch.
  • Wide view mast.
  • Gauge of Hydraulic lvel.
  • 4 Sec. multi-way valve.
  • pattern oil-resistant tires.
  • Slef-lock valve.
  • Limit speed valve.
  • Air cleaner.
  • Oil pressure warning.
  • Full cabin with front/rear wiper.
  • Speedmeter.
  • Water temperature gauge.
  • Air conditioner.
  • Fork-positioner with side shift function.
  • Luxury seat.
  • Buzzer.
  • …etc.



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There are many spare parts companies in china. 

Making sure you buy it with a clear picture in mind. We know the hiden rules behind that. 

Trusting FORK FOCUS, we are able to provide you what you are exactly looking for and no hidden information untold. 

We keep everything transparent to you. 

You will be informed with clear pictures for the parts before delivery, greatly reduce the error. 

We are experienced at this selling. You’ll receive a comprehensive guiding when comes to forklift attachment purchase. 

0-Profit company policy issued if you are buying forklift from us altogether. 

Such suppliers are stable suppliers with us for many years. 

Also, we are good at customize or tailormade your own forklift attachment, to make it perfectly match your purticular material handings. 

Zero quality claims always. 

You can feel assured to place a trial order to us before you buy more. 


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