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Block clamp

Block Clamps: The whole steel structure of the whole frame, high strength, can meet the needs of high strength operation.

It can safely and efficiently clamp all kinds of stone and brick units, suitable for pallet-free handling and stacking operations in floor tile, concrete prefabricated parts, stone, graphite and other industries.

Details about Block clamp

block clamp
bell block clamp
  • The block clamp has a self-lubricating function which is installed firmly and reliably.
  • To uniform stress and ensure higher strength, the T-shaped sliding pair is equipped.
  • The valve body of thye blocjk clamp also facilitates a siound operation by controlling the movements.
  • It has a structural layout which provides a great view.
  • It has two designs: one is the normal clamp type, while the other one is the bell type. two different clamping ways, to fit for different size of brick packages.

Techical details

Customized brick clamp attachment  available.  Just tell us your specific requirement, or give us the sample model information. We will tailor made that. 

brick clamp

typical industry

  •  Brick industry
  • Floor tile;
  • Concrete prefabricated parts, stone,
  • Graphite and other industries.

Three basic information provided for a correct quote:

  1. Forklift load capacity;
  2. Brick package weight and size;
  3. Individual brick dimension.

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