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If you are looking for a compeitive price with durable quality, that hangcha A series forklift with chinese engine is your wise choice. Fork Focus, is able to provide the most competitive prices than any others except hangcha factory itself. We are confident at this, so welcome to inquiry and compare the price!

If you are looking for a conformtable operation experience, X series is your good choice! You will receive richful information about X series forklift in this page. X series, combine the moden design, improved performance based on A series. You don’t need to cost much extra to get this X series forklift! 


Hangcha X Series Forklift

forklift Details for X series forklift

X series is a new internal combustion counterbalanced forklift truck, offering:

  • Attractive
  • Comfort
  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Serviceability

As following, we will further explain how we reach these features.

  Attractive Appearance:
New model, meet ergonomics design, well-fitted full cabin, wider pedal space…etc, all that makes our forklift unique and good to use. 

Bright red color for forklift body, plus red rim, all in a good match for appearance. 

Closed-fitted cabin, with steamline design. 

forkfocus forklift water pipe

Closed-fitted cabin, with steamline design. 



Both the steering column can be adjusted easily, low、wide step and generous legroom for easy access.

Forklift seat

Low vibration and suspension seat can reduce the driver’s fatigue.


Optimized air intake and exhaust system reduce the noise by 3dB and reduce the vibration by 20%.



Larger steering cylinder and bumper block assemblies on the top, which can prolong the service life.

forkfocus forklift water pipe

Optimized hydraulic breather structure and integrated with return oil filter can prolong the service life of hydraulic pressure system.

Forkfocus radiator

The  X series forklift,  adopts aluminous plate-fin radiator with better performance and higher structural strength.


Excellent all-round visibility

wide forklift sight of view

The rear visibility will also be greatly improved through the optimization design of counterweight.

engine lock

Locking device of the engine cover, with convenient functions.


LED lights: for reduced energy consumption [95%] and long service life


X series provide high performance to meet application requirements of the most demanding customers


Newly-developed LCD instrument, real-time monitoring the truck.

pin code

Option for electronic-controlled engine.

– Pin code、speedometer、tachometer、oil temp gauge、water temp gauge…



Integral locking pin structure on the baseboard can be opened without tool, which is convenient for daily repair and maintenance.

Easy servicebility

X series provide you with convenient and rapid maintenance.

widely used forklift options:

forklift option 1

– Non-marking tyre
– Reversing assist grip with horn button 
– Fingertip control on the adjustable armrest
– Special carriage and backrest
– Full closed cabin
– Blue spot light
– OPS system
– 3rd or 4th hydraulic function

forklift option 2

– Interactive instrument

– Fire extinguisher

– High-mounted exhaust system

– Dual air-filter / Oil-bath air filter

– Different attachments…

Hard to make the buying decision?

You will find this complete guidence in this post: What makes a quality forklift. 

To keep your price competitive, we would never add too much profit. One-time purchasing is not what we pursue. Repeated orders and long-term business cooperation is indeed what make our stronger and stand higher. You can feel free to send us an inquiry and compare the price.

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