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5 Keywords to consider in choosing a ideal forklift truck.

Lucky Yue

Lucky Yue

Engaged in forklift industry since 2009

Forklift, as an industrial vehicle for handling and unloading goods in factory area, forklift is becoming more and more popular in the field of material handling. But if the quality is not good, in the light extent, the failure rate is too high. And in the worst, serious accidents caused by mast breakage, rollover, or other major accidents that cause truck damage and death! There have been numerous forklift accidents in the factory area. 

So when comes to buy a forklift truck from china, which point you will mainly consider? Price? Configuration? Brand? Warranty?Spare part supply?  Here we have the following five key points for buying forklifts for your reference:

First, Quality Is More Important Than Forklift Outlooking.

There are many series of forklift trucks of the same tonnage, and some manufacturers, for example, the same 3-ton forklift truck were divided into several series, and distinguish them by color, and the shape of the forklift truck has also changed slightly, like redesigning the shape of the counterweigh, or the shape of forklift chassis. But customers don’t know that, instead, they follow the herd mentality of “habitual thinking” or “everyone buys this series, so I will also buy”. 

Some design marketing methods from manufacturers, for example, the first generation of 3T forklift trucks on the market becomes hard to sell as time goes on, in order to retain customers, the second generation will be introduced to the market, even the third generation will be launched. However, in fact, pls take a closer look at the engine, gearbox, drive axle and chasis of the forklift. Obviously, they are all the same, how comes so many generations? Forklift models are divided into economic model, classic model, and highly configurated version, etc., if you like the model and configuration, then how about the quality? This is what we must focus on.

No matter how good the appearance is, you can’t have it if the quality is too poor.

Second, Pls Do Not Fix Eyes On The Price Only, But Also Focus On The Function And Its Configuration.

Some customers focus on price too much. In fact, this is wrong. The price has a great relationship with the configuration, and if the configuration is high, the price will naturally be high. When you compare models, weigh the price and configuration in the model your choose. 

The regular configurations are: the brand of engine, gearbox, rediator, seat, hydraulic oil pump, multi-way valve, seal, instrument, tire brand and so on, all of which decide the product quality and performance-to-price ratio.

 If your company uses the forklift for a long time, up to 10 hours a day, it is recommended to buy a high-configuration forklift truck; 

if your company works 4-5 hours a day, it is recommended to buy a low-configuration forklift truck. The comparison between high configuration and low configuration is: high configuration forklift is more expensive when buying, but it saves a lot when using it! 

The low-configuration forklift is a little cheaper when you buy it, but the cost is much higher when you use it! The cost of ownership is quite different! Saving usd500 when buying a forklift, but spend usd1000 to have it working. That’s a bad business.

In short, we must not only look at the price without considering the function and quality.

Third, Although The Brand Is Important, Quality Is The King.

Some people only recognize the brand when they buy a forklift. But for forklift, as an industrial vehicle such as a forklift, quality is the first priority, no matter how big the brand is. There is still poor quality existed. No matter how small the brand is, there is still good quality. Even for the same truck with the same brand, the assembly quality is different.

Therefore, when buying a forklifts, the brand is very important, but quality is the king.

Fourth, The Cost Ownership Weigh Higher Than The Cost Of Buying.

Everyone wants to buy high-quality and cheap forklifts, but there is absolutely no low-price but with high-quality products in the world. In fact, everyone wants to buy cost-effective forklifts. Some forklifts are cheap for usd12000, while others are still very expensive for usd8000.

Fifth, Buy From The One You Trust.

“Acquaintance economy” is very common in China, Why Chinese people tends to buy from acquaintance? Because Chinese people cares about the reputation and friendship. Mhepro is the company who cares about and well maintained the reputation. 

Transparent And open business model will be between us. There is no hiding information, but all keep transparent to you. The business could be done by mutual benefit, but the business relationship could be lasted for long time will be done  by MUTUAL TRUST. That’s the way we establish the mutual trust.

All in all, please remember the above five key points when buying a forklift truck:

Don’t buy the forklift only by outlooking without looking at its quality;

Don’t look at the brand without looking at the performance;

Don’t just look at the price without looking at the configuration!

The last but most important, buy forklift from Mhepro, your dream forklift is in Mhepro! We deserve to serve you. 😊

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