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Brief introduction about material handling equipment

Lucky Yue

Lucky Yue

Engaged in forklift industry since 2009

In Material handling industry, a lot of handling equipment needed and there are too much classifications. Here FORKFOCUS will take you close to what equipment you will need.

Let’s start from the result.

According to the functional view of point, Material handing equipment (MHE) can be divided into:

You can find these machines in FORKFOCUS. We provides a full range of all-round material solutions.

Follow us and take you closer to each forklift classifications.

1, Internal combustion forklift

Forkfocus diesel forklift

When working outdoors, especially when the road is not very smooth, it is better to choose internal combustion forklift. Internal combustion forklift can be divided into these three types: Diesel forklift, Gasoline forklift, and LPG forklift.  Among thse three kinds of internal combustion forklifts, diesel forklift is much more widely used.

If there are no special requirements, diesel forklifts is usually the first choice. At the same time, taking into account the impact of environmental pollution, the use of Gasoline forklift or LPG forklift as outdoor operations is also increasing. Pls find below chart for the search volume from google about these three kinds of forklift.:

In order to improve the work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of forklift drivers, forklift with automatic transmission is the wise choice.  With the improvement of the reliability of hydraulic transmission, and it has the advantages of infinitely variable speed, labor-saving and convenient operation and high work efficiency,  so customers usually choose the forklift with automatic transmission.

But if you don’t to operate the forklift frequently, the mechanical transmission also works for you.

Click this post and get to know:  5 Keywords To Consider In Choosing A Ideal Forklift Truck.

Keywords: hydraulic transmission, diesel forklift, gasoline forklift, LPG forklift.

2, Electric forklift

Battery forklift is mainly used for indoor operation. It’s also called counter balanced electric forklift. It has two types:  3-wheel electric forklift and 4-wheel electric forklift. Battery choices include traditional lead-acid batteries and more efficient and convenient Li-battery.

Pls find below chart for the search volume for IC forklift and electric forklift.material handing equipment

One other tip: Relationships between load capacity and lifting mast height.

The rated load capacity for each forklift refers to the weight of goods that can be lifted when the center of gravity of the goods is within the distance of the standard load center and keeps forklift mast is vertical and can be lifted to the standard lifting height (the standard lifting height is 3000mm). 

Therefore, when selecting the tonnage of the forklift, the user should compare the center of gravity of the goods with the standard load center of the forklift. If the center of gravity of the goods is equal to or less than the standard load center of the forklift, that the forklift you choose can be equal to or about greater than the weight of the goods. Otherwise, better to check with the supplier or ask for the load chart to choose how many tonnage you will need.

Keywords: Lead-acid battery forklift, lithium battery forklift, Lifting mast height, Load capacity.

3, Pallet Truck

Forkfocus electric pallet truck

It can be divided into: Manual hydraulic pallet truck, electric pallet truck, and semi-electric pallet truck. The loading range is 1.6 to 3.0 tons,  with working width among 2.3 to 2.8 meters. The fork lifting height is generally about 210mm, mainly used for horizontal handling and cargo loading and unloading in the warehouse. There are two modes of operation type: walkie and standing-on with platform and armrest.

Key words: manual pallet car, electric pallet car, horizontal handling, walkie type, standing type.

4, Stacker

Forkfocus electric stacker

Electric stacker is divided into two types: Full electric stacker and semi-electric stacker. As the name implies, the former is driven, and the elevations are electrically controlled, which is more labor-saving. The latter needs to be manually pulled or pushed driving, and the lift is electric.

The load capacity is from 1.0 to 2.5 tons, and the working width is generally 2.3 to 2.8 meters. In structure, it’s added mast compared with electric pallet truck. The lifting mast height is generally within 5.0 meters, which is mainly used for stacking, loading and unloading goods in the warehouse.

Keywords: all-electric stacker, semi-electric stacker.

5, Reach Truck

Forkfocus stand on reach Truck

The load capacity is 1.0 to 2.5 tons, and the mast can be moved forward or retracted as a whole. When retracted, the width of the operation channel is generally 2.7 to 3.2 meters, and the lifting height can be up to 12 meters, which is often used for medium-height stacking and picking up operations in the warehouse. There are three types: Stand-on reach truck, Sit-on reach truck, and Double-deep reach truck.

Key words: Mast moving forward, Mast retracted, reach truck, 12meters

6, Order Picker

Forkfocus order picker

 Under certain conditions (such as the distribution center of supermarket), it is not necessary to ship the whole pallet, but to select a variety of goods according to the order to form a pallet. This process is called order picking. According to the height of goods, electric order picker can be divided into low picking forklift (within 2.5-3 meters), medium- high order picker (up to 10 meters at most).

The carrying capacity is 2.0 to 2.5 tons (low position) and 1.0 to 1.2 tons (medium to high, with cab lift).

Key words: low position selection, middle and high position selection.

7, Electric tractor

Forkfocus tow tractor

The tractor is driven by electric motor and uses its traction capacity (3.025 tons) to pull several carts loaded with goods at the back. The main categories are: electric tractors for airport logistics, workshop electric tractors, small electric tractors, electric tractors, which are often used to transport a large number of goods within or between workshops, such as automobile manufacturing warehouse to assembly line transport, airport baggage transport.

Key words: transportation of goods.

8, Forklift Attachment

Due to the diversity of goods for loading or unloading, forklifts are also equipped with various forklift attachment (such as hopper, hook, oil drum clamp, rotator, and paper roll clamp… etc.) for users to choose. At present, there are hundreds of forklift attachment, including those made in China and imported from the United States, Germany and Italy, almost all of which can be assembled on Chinese forklifts. We can recommend the most suitable forklift attachment according to different customer requirement.

Key words: forklift attachment, different operation requirement.

9, Special kind of forklift truck

Forkfocus radiator for forklift rough terrian forklift

In addition to standard forklifts, there are many other types of special forklift for particular needs. Like container forklifts for container operation, forklifts for entering container operation (2-10t), empty container stacking forklifts (7-10t) and Full container loading and unloading container forklifts (20-42t). Customers can choose according to the working conditions of container operation. Special explosion-proof forklift can be used to load and unload flammable and explosive materials or to work in an environment containing explosive gases. Explosion-proof forklift is divided into internal combustion explosion-proof forklift and battery explosion-proof forklift. Battery explosion-proof forklift is generally selected for indoor operation and internal combustion explosion-proof forklift for outdoor operation. Moreover, for outdoor uneven roads or soft road operations, rough terrain forklift is widely used as well.

Key words: Forklift for container operation situation, Explosion-proof forklift truck, Rough Terrain forklift truck

Above equipment mentioned, almost all can be found in FORKFOCUS. Below the outline for this blog.

Material Handing Equipment available in FORKFOCUS.COM

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