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FORKFOCUS, helps you with most workable, practical and cost-less solution. Find out our full range of products and services to make your ideal material handling equipment an optimized reality! 

Mhepro, one of the most active forklift supplier in china providing comprehension forklift solutions for MHE industry worldwide. Our brand is Fork Focus, means to focus everything related fork. 

With this company concept, we have our product scope from:

  • A full lineup of internal combustion forklifts (1.5t to 10t );
  • 2WD/4WD Rough Terrian forklift;
  • electric forklift (1.3 to 5.0t) ;
  • warehouse equipment;
  • Widely used forklift attachment. 

Forklift, is our foundation, and focus, is the faith. 

We focus on your cost and budget, and always taking the necessary steps to boost your competitiveness. Moreover, our team work directly with you to provide lifting solutions and meet your specific requirements. 

Professional product, and professional service can be seen whatever before sales or after sales.  Additional benefit like market analysis, product tendency, and anything on how to expand your company’s business, will be shared with you as much as we can. 

“Your requirement, Our solution” !

We are a Product & Service orientated comapny. We are aiming on how to increase our product quality to give high quality service for our clients. In line with that we provide:

  •  Wide product range, and multiple solutions available based on your likings.
  •  Pre-sale inquiry for your validation just to make sure that you are able to buy your company’s essential needs.
  • Fast transaction. (From the time you placed your order and meets order lead in time) as a high efficiency company.
  • We value your every coin spent and every second.
  • We offer marketing support and technical free training.

All the forklift manufactured with a craftsmanship spirit on mind. From the raw material processing,
– to coasting,
– to assembly line,
– to finishing,
– to testing, 

All are controlled by step-controll management.
It greatly  help spotting the hidden problems and
clear it all at the first time. Read more…

360 Service is the commitment of ForkFocus to our customers.

We are  a Product & Service orientated company. Offering quality product and Qaulity service is what keep us standing out from the ordinary. Read more…

Timely forklift spare part supply is usually the headache to many customers. One day downtime, will cause a huge loss.

 FORKFOCUS, as a responsible forklift supplier, we listen, we do, we are the trouble shooter with comprehensive solutions. We can supply spare parts for many brands like HC, HELI..etc. Read more…

Hot and Popular forklift attachment on the market with super competitive price. Also forklift attachment customization is available. 

You will get a truly competitive offer. Particularly if you buy forklift with attachment that we won’t add extra profit on that. Read more…

The service out of the product service field, makes us different. A deep cooperation could be reached. Anything we can help like the market research/ trend.  Read more…

Forkfocus testmonial
It's very very good forklift. It's what we exactly need. Thank you for the quality.
Forkfocus testmonial
Lucky, Your container with electric equipment finally arrive, and they look quite strong and from their appearance they seem of very good quality. Very satisfied with the purchase made.
Forkfocus testmonial
We just finish unloading the paper roll clamp,every things is OK,MANY THANKS.

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We are the solution provider for material handling industry. Product covers large load capacity range of :

For regular forklift under 3.5T, fastest delivery time for emergency order is 15 days.

Normal delivery time is 25-50 days for different product.

MOQ is 1 unit. But in this way, be aware of the possible high local charging.


Regularly it’s 12 months or 2000 working hours, depends on whichever comes first.

However, for special case, we can extend the warranty period. We have the 360F policy to further extend the service.

Everything is discussable. We are a human-being company, not cold machine company.

We won’t guarantee you that all parts can be within three days or seven days. That’s not realistic for some special parts.

For exapmple, For some normal parts, we can do that within one day. But for special parts, could be two weeks.

We don’t talk big but actions speak louder than words. We will try our best  to shorten the delivery time by any means. 

All of equipment are with elaborate spare part catalogue, service manual, maintenance manual. Easy to understand.

Our 7*24 service hour will be with you and our high sense of responsibility as well.

YES. For example, some of the components for forklift attachment Can be OEM in our factory at very competitive price. This scope of business is not our main business. Just to provide a multiple service to meet different demand from our customers and we won’t take much profit on that as not every business will win. We must focus on what we need to focus. 

One stop service from:

  • product,
  • shipping,
  • marketing,
  • to customer,
  • After-sales service,
  • Spare parts supply,
  • Training.

A closed loop service for you.

Payment terms

We usually do:

30% deposit, 70% balance before delivery;

30% deposit, 70% upon B/L copy;

Irrevocable L/C at sight.

For special case, we will discuss then.


Shipping is the critical point in the whole ordering process. A direct shipping with competitive ocean freight is becoming more imporant than ever before.

 At this special COVID-19 moment, the ocean freight keep rising crasily. 

Time is money. 

FORKFOCUS has much strong team on this. 

Each shipping was carefully calculated after a few rounds of comparison in order to keep your price competitive. 

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