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Do you really understand forklift load center?

Lucky Yue

Lucky Yue

Engaged in forklift industry since 2009

For someone who aspires to be a forklift operator, the journey can be challenging. But with proper training and mindset, one can achieve a successful career in this industry. For today’s topic, we are going to focus on learning the Forklift’s Center of Gravity and Stability Triangle.

A forklift operates in a three-point suspension system. It is the two front wheels and the pivot point of the rear wheels. When visualized after connecting the points, it will form a triangle, thus called a stability triangle.

In physics, the center of gravity pertains to the average location of the weight of a matter. With a forklift, its center of gravity ( we also call it load center) changes when it’s loaded or not.

Operating forklifts can be dangerous if not done correctly. Situations like the load are not centered properly, distribution of weight is not equal or overweight capacity can unbalance the forklift.

The Maximum Load Capacity determines the weight capacity of the forklift. As the load distance increases, automatic changes in the weight distribution occurs. The weight that the forklift truck can carry changes as well. To make things simpler, the longer the load distance, the lesser the weight that can be carried. You can do the measurement from the load bracket to the center of the load, to be precise. For example, if the forklift is rated with a 32-inch load center, then the load center gravity is 32 inches or less.

Load center

It is also important to keep in mind that there are specific items that require certain trucks for lifting as their dimensions are more suitable for the job.

This might make things complicated which is why due diligence and understanding are required. Knowing all this, as an operator, knowing the weight of the load is essential. The forklift manufacturers are required to indicate the lifting capacity and other important details for the truck. A common incorrect belief is that forklifts can lift any load as long as it is within the maximum weight capacity. Believing this can cause problems like damaged load or even injury. The maximum distance a load can be raised with its heaviest weight is from the center of the gravity of the load to the front of the fork not exceeding the center distance of the load in tons. For Industrial lift trucks, at least 20% lesser for safety factors is

For forklift operators, safety for everyone and the load is the number one priority. Knowing crucial details about the forklift and how it works can not only ensure a safe workplace but is also a cost-efficient practice.

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