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Cold storage customized solutions

Lucky Yue

Lucky Yue

Engaged in forklift industry since 2009


In cold chain logistics, fresh products need to be in a suitable temperature control environment from cooling at the origin, frozen storage, refrigerated transportation to terminal distribution and every link in the circulation process must be closely connected.

Additionally, the pandemic outbreak has influence customers to divert to digital shopping as it is continent and safe. Due to this change in consumer habit, many businesses has adopted to temperature controlled solutions that will help increase value and speed by automating processes to meet the costumers demand.

Improving the timeline of logistics transit is the key!

When lift trucks move from cold storage areas to ambient temperatures, condensation can form on batteries and other parts. 

This poses a number of threats to equipment, including corrosion and premature wear.

 When forklifts return to cold areas, the condensation can freeze, causing even more problems.

Because of this, experts recommend that operators keep their lift trucks in cold storage areas for an entire shift instead of moving back and forth between temperatures. 

Once a shift is over, the truck can move to an ambient temperature where it can dry out completely before returning to the cold.

When batteries must be changed mid-shift, a Mobile Battery Extractor can help. These extractors enable change-outs anywhere in facility, including cold storage areas. 

By performing the change-out in the cold, operators can avoid troublesome condensation that occurs after entering an ambient temperature setting.

In addition to the above problems, the environment with too low temperature will also cause the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil of the forklift to condense and become ineffective, and the goods become hard and slippery at low temperature.         


The use of forklift effectively reduces loading and unloading time and improves handling efficiency. However, due to the special operating environment of the cold storage, higher requirements are placed on the equipment and to cope with the “challenges” of different temperature environments, different levels of cold storage protection and transformation of the forklift are required.

What should you consider when choosing a frozen storage forklift?

Freezer and Cold Storage Forklifts are also an indispensable handling device, electric forklifts are ideal for the food industry and cold chain logistics companies. So, what should you consider when choosing a frozen storage forklift? In addition to size and features, the load capacity, durability, endurance, and the charge & discharge performance of the forklift in low temperature environments.

FAQ for cold storage forklift truck

What protection options can be taken?

  • Portal steel, hydraulic seals and oil pipes are suitable for environments as low as minus 30 degrees.
  • The sealing grade of the controller reaches IP67 to prevent the corrosion of condensed water.
  • Chrome platted oil cylinder prevents rusting.
  • Adding cold storage baffle and roof protection frame during modification can protect personal safety.

With the improvement of residents’ consumption capacity, the market demand for high-end aquatic products such as tuna, swordfish, and swordfish is constantly increasing. Storage in ultra-low temperature cold storage as low as minus 60 degrees can make these aquatic products maintain their delicious meat quality for a long time.


“Avoid the phenomenon of deterioration because the temperature of the center cannot meet the requirements of the standard”

This has also pushed up the market demand for electric forklifts in ultra-low temperature environments. Compared with other temperature, cold storage handling in ultra-low temperature is a great test for both personnel and the equipment.

Take a company that integrates tuna processing and sales as an example. After the tuna arrives, it needs to be quickly caged and stored in an ultra-low temperature cold storage. 

Therefore, forklifts need to frequently enter and exit in an environment of room temperature and minus 60 degrees for the work to be accomplished.

 In the face of the environment with too low temperature, if the protection measures are insufficient, the person in charge will be easily frostbite, and the exposed plastic parts of the car body are also prone to cracking due to low temperature. 

Therefore, the ultra-low temperature cold storage forklift must be professionally and comprehensively modified to ensure safe use.

Facing -60°C ultra-low temperature cold storage

What's the solution?

  • To preserve the heat and defrosting, Installation of high airtight cab equipped with internal circulation heating and special defrosting glass is suitable.
  • To protect the battery from the worst cold case, using insulation battery will exert the performance.
  • In special ultra low temperature, hydraulic oil is used to prevent hydraulic condensation.
  • Add controller waterproof protection and anti falling protection.

Therefore, it can be seen that: through the modification and protection of forklifts in terms of cold protection, waterproofing, and battery life, we can meet the needs of electric forklifts for continuous operation under the working conditions of minus 55 to minus 60 degrees, and solve problems for each “preservation war”.

FORKFOCUS, has rich experience in such forklifts that are perfect for cold storage applications. 

Contact us for a professional forklift solution!

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