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how to make a good forklift maintanance

Lucky Yue

Lucky Yue

Engaged in forklift industry since 2009

Do You Really Know Forklift Maintanance?

Scientific and reasonable maintenance can effectively extend the life of the forklift, and also guarantee the safe work. It can keep your forklift at the best working condition in any time, thus reducing the cost of using.  So how can we carry out the simple maintenance on the forklift to ensure the good efficiency? Here are some proven points for you:

  • Frequent replacement of wearable tires is an essential work. Wearing or damaged tires can make the forklift unsteady during operation, and also generate huge vibrations.This will cause great damage to electrical & hydraulic systems. Therefore, we must replace the worn tires in time to avoid other failures.
  • It’s very necessary to add hydraulic oil and lubricating oil timely. If lack of hydraulic oil, it will prevent the forklift from reaching the rated height and rated capacity. The work efficiency was greatly affected.
  • Drain the water from oil-water separator. Otherwise, the water will cause the bad damage to engine.
  • When the forklift is not in use, please take off the key to avoid unnecessary damage caused by other non-operators. In the process of working, please get off when passing some narrow aisles, and measure the width of the aisle to estimate whether the forklift and cargo can pass safely.
  • It is very important to do the battery maintenance and battery charge training. Most of the battery now used is lead-acid battery, should do special maintenance, pay attention to check distilled water in battery, if not enough, please supplement in time, otherwise it will be affect battery life; Power off in time when finished the charging , otherwise it will cause damage to the charger.  To keep well for the battery, better to train your forklift operator to avoid expensive maintenance costs , to do the proper way for operation.

 Forklift nowadays is playing a more important role in material handling industry. A good maintanance could extend its life span to 4 more years. There are some chinese forklift over 8 years using, so does FORKFOCUS forklift too. Welcome to inquiry and enjoy a transparent and open model of business. No hiding rules, no cheating, only workable advice and pricing solutions provided. The forklift expert since 2008 will work out the best solution for you. 

Focus on us, get you know more about FORKLIFT. 


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